Are You Still Standing? If Not, Check Your Armour

There are so many things coming at us lately its amazing any of us are still standing at all. But, we are amazed. And we are are indeed still standing.

I think in times like these it becomes even more important to be assured of the solidity of your foundations. Foundations like “where you get your strength” and “what you rely on for defense”?

Solid Foundations…

There are physical / tangible foundations. And then there are non-physical / undefinable foundations. There are things that are obvious that we all rely upon, such as gravity. Then there are those other stalwart things we each rely on. Things in this second category become slightly different per each individual according to their personal beliefs and experiences.

These “foundations”, if you will, can become a form of “armour”. Under this perception, it is vital that our foundations are rooted in truth. Then, when our foundation-based armour is challenged, it will be able to stand. Truth always withstands attacks. Yes, misinformation abounds. Confusion and chaos are constantly presented to disturb and discredit those people who stand with truth.


When fully revealed, truth always comes out on top. It is what prevails in the end. It is for that reason it is not the truth that will actually be attacked time and time again. The attackers know they cannot win against the truth. Therefore, as stated, they go after the one telling the truth.

Yes, they aim to discredit and disenfranchise those brave souls who are purveyors of truth. We’ve seen it time and time again, attack the messenger and you can “discount” the message being shared. If credibility is in question, then everything shared comes into question. It’s an old and well used trick of the dark forces of this planet.

Therefore, we must protect and defend our foundations above all else. Because without a strong foundation (our armour) then at the least bit of attack against us as the “messenger of truth” we will surely stumble, then eventually crumble. You’ll know when this happens to you. You’ll wake up one day and realize the unthinkable has just come to pass. You realize you are no longer standing. And it is time to get back up.

So, check your armour!

How do you check your armour? For me, I use Ephesians 6:10-20 as a guide to areas that need the protection of armour. Think about each piece of the warrior’s gear which is presented in those verses. Each piece, and its purpose(s), indeed play a vital role when we’re in a battle.

Pieces of Armour

~ Belt of Truth

-Ah, truth. And notice it is encircling the waist? A belt not only hold your clothing in place, it can also lend strength to your midsection as you exert yourself. As with a belt, the Truth also fortifies you as you function. (Furthermore, its worth noting that this piece is listed first. So, take heed of the importance of the strength of truth.)

~ Breastplate

We definitely need to protect our torso! Think about it. All our vital organs are covered by a good breastplate. But, most importantly it protects our heart. This is the literal “heartbeat” of our physical existence. But, it can also represent our spiritual side as well. Our spirit is the very essence of who we are. And this is absolutely worth protecting!

~ Prepare your feet

We obviously need to ensure protective footwear in battle. Yet, Ephesians references peace in relation to our feet as well. Think about that. Our feet “take us” wherever we choose to go. So, I think controlling where we allow our steps to take us is equally important in battle.

~ Sheild

This piece is significant to enable a warrior to fend off attacks of various types. A sheild is a piece that can be used simple to protect yourself, or for use while still fighting with other means. The referenced verses mention Faith as a sheild. What literal or metaphorical sheilds are you using?

~ Helmet

This piece obviously is protecting our head. Think about it. This is protection for our minds, which controls our conscious thoughts, as well as our unconscious body functions. Real or metaphorical, how are you actively protecting your mind, thoughts and functions?

~ Spiritual Sword

This is supernatural weaponry here! We absolutely must have an understanding of how to fight back physically but also spiritually. There are spiritual authorities we possess. So, if you do not understand the power you possess within you, then I implore you to dig in and learn about this topic for yourself.

~ Our Voice

Yes, there is power in our spoken word. Whether it be in prayer, making declarations, or simply speaking, our words have impact. So, choose them wisely!

~ More Possibilities

You can also reflect on modern articles of military armour. I’m sure our current day military men and women could teach us civilians a thing or two about armouring up, as well as the significance of each piece. If you have a chance, ask someone knowledgeable in this area. You will appreciate the value of that hidden information.

And where does that leave us?

Of course, at some point we’ve covered every vital point. We’ve researched. And we’ve shared all we can to those who will actually listen. We’ve armoured up to the best allowed by our abilities and resources. Then there comes a time when we simply stand strong on the truths of our foundations. After all, Truth is ultimately the never ending resonation that connects us when it’s all said and done.

So, again I ask the question.

Are you still standing??? If not, now is your friendly reminder to check your armour. You never know when your “day of battle” will arrive. So, armour up! And be prepared to stand strong!


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