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Do you have a talent? Do you share it with others? I believe we all have something to bring to the table. Something especially unique in how we do what we do. No matter how mundane you think you may be, there is STILL something great and talented about you, or even in “how” you do what you do.

No matter how mundane you think you may be, there is STILL something great and talented about you. ~  My Quirky Friend

Check This Out….

A perfect example of talent is showcased in this website of an amazing artist I saw. She is a self-taught pencil artist focusing on animals. The detail is just astounding. Her name is Tami Jolly Smith.  Check out her website.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Look at the realistic details of her work on the “Selected Works” page. Isn’t it neat to see things take shape and her vision come to life? That’s an artistic talent I do not have.  Luckily, we have people like Tami Jolly Smith to provide our society with much-needed artistic talent.

Tami Jolly Smith’s work is simply fascinating!  You can almost feel the personality of each pet rendering in her previous works showcased on her website.  To me that’s a sign of a truly gifted artist.  There are a lot of people who can draw.  Yet, of those talented masses there are fewer that can truly bring emotion and insight to their artistic creations.  Tami Jolly Smith does this amazingly well.

Well, there you go!  I can’t think of anything more to say. (Shocker! I know. Lol) I just had to share Tami Jolly Smith’s work though. I hope you find it as interesting as I do.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Do you know another artist, or anyone with a specific gift or talent, I can check out and possibly share? Tell me about them! Even if it’s about yourself, inquiring minds want to know. So, share away!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Talk to you soon!


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NOTE. I do not profit from sharing the works or website mentioned in this post. This post is for informational purposes only.

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