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I have been watching random videos, movies, and documentaries lately. The other day I came across this documentary. It covers many aspects and processes I’ve never heard before. Yes, we’ve all heard many a yarn spun about “fallen angels” and even the “New World Order”. But, this video reveals some interesting connections I literally have never heard nor considered before. Yes. Even with the “rabbit trails” and “red pills” I’ve written about lately. It seems there’s always something new to discover if you dig deep enough. Am I right? Lol. Yep. I thought so.

But, back to the video. I’m going to keep this post extremely short so you can spend your time watching the video. It’s a bit long at over two hours. But, I believe this documentary will be worth it. Don’t forget to let me know what you think!

Documentary: Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order.

“A biblical look at the history of fallen angels and it’s relationship to the New World Order and the new age movement. Topics covered are the fall of mankind, the pre-flood world as Atlantis, the new age through theosophy, the fallen angels and their origin of planting the seeds to society, UFO’s, ET’s and abduction cases, demonic possession, channeling, and more. All of these things are explained and predicted in the bible.”


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