Random Thoughts 19.2

Well, here I am again having another “random thoughts” week. It’s literally been a plethora of squirrel speed rabbit trails making squiggly lines of randomness all about within my brain for several days straight now. It’s to the point that I’m not really accomplishing much anymore. Well, it doesn’t feel like much anyway.

So, what’s a girl to do when she can’t get her thoughts together? Yep. Surprise! (Not really, since I titled my blog as I did. Lol!) But….. Surprise!

It’s another random thoughts post brought to you by the quirky mind of yours truly!

Viola’! And here we go!

~ Wait. Hold up! Um…. Isn’t that pig cute??? Lol! Just take a second and admire it. Sigh…. Ok. You may now proceed. (I have the pow-ER!!! Mwahahahaha….. Made ya look! Na-na-na-na..) (Ok. Maybe not. But…. many, many thanks for still reading. Lol)

~ Did you know that when a nuclear bomb is detonated it creates an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)? Yep. It’s true. So, if you’re one of them prepper peoples then you’re probably already prepared for a combo nuclear fallout, AND a world without electronics. (Note to self. Look into “prepping”. Lol)

~ There are crooked people in every area of life. So much so that you really cannot avoid them unless you live alone in an impenetrable bubble. And that’s near impossible! So, unless that’s your calling, which it isn’t mine, then at some point you just have to trust God to avenge the wrongs of this world.

~ Fact no birth control methods are 100% guaranteed to work. Both my kids were conceived while I was using some method of birth control. Proceed with caution people!

~ Karma. God. I believe they are synonymous. Don’t believe me? Read Genesis, the first book of the Bible. There are repeated stories of one person screwing up in some way towards another person. Then, eventually, some eerily similar theme happens to them. Stories, upon stories, upon stories. So, go ahead and do your thing. But, remember, whatever you put out there WILL come back to you.

~ Laundry machine cycles are faster than you think! (Gotta go rotate a load. Be right back! Lol! (Tick, tock. Tick, tock.) Ok, I’m back!!!

~ Kindle Unlimited can be a dangerous thing. I mean, seriously. I refuse to look into how many books I’ve actually read since joining. Heck! I don’t even dare look at the count just since the beginning of this year. That’s some dangerous and possibly loaded info. We don’t want me in therapy for a book addition now do we? No. No, we do not. Lol

~ Speaking of prepping… Which I heard people doing this week. (Can you tell? Lol!) Did you know you can make your own non-perishable foods that will last decades? Yep. Just look into recipes for hardtack and pemmican. You’re welcome.

~ After last week’s post I took a complete chill day. Well, I did run the sheets through the machine as mentioned. But, I did relax. And it was so good! It was so good in fact that now I’m still trying to “get back in the swing of things”. Ok. So, maybe, just maybe, I’m in a post chill procrastination lag. If that is even a thing! Lol! Anyway…

~ Whoa! Check this out! I was doing some googling for links on the prepper food mentioned (pemmican and hardtack) and came across urbansurvivalsite.com. They have a comprehensive list of free items from many different sources. Cool! Check it out for some great finds. Plus, you could go ahead and get a start on your own prepper stash for free. Woohoo! (Note to self. Don’t forget to go back to this site for my own free stuff.)

~ Squirrel. Bananas. Workout routines. Pizza. Mmmm… Homemade brownies. Butterfly! I feel like a t-ball player in the outfield. Seriously.

~ President Trump has some weird connections to a lot of interesting factoids in relation to his birth, inauguration, and many other correlations. Nothing political, just facts. Maybe I’ll do a post about that some time. Hmmm…

Ok. I’ve reached that moment. You know. That moment when you start getting on your own nerves. Lol! So, I’m done. For now anyway. Lol!

So… What random thoughts are running through YOUR mind??? Do Tell! Inquiring minds want to know!


As always, thanks for stopping by. Have something to add?  Let me know your thoughts! Hit the comments and share.  Talk to you soon!

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