Social Media Networks ~ A Time for Change???

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There are a ton of conspiracy theories abounding in our current times, including those surrounding multiple social media platforms. As a result, many people are exploring other options in an effort to get away from the “big boys”. I have to admit that it has become quite concerning in the number of posts I’ve seen getting “fact checked” and hidden in recent months. Unfortunately, it only seems to be increasing.

Along with the increased “fact checking”, there seems to be an ambiguous set of rules being set. Rules that social media consumers are not clearly aware of. Which begs the following question: How on earth can we “abide by the rules” when they are not clearly stated? I mean, come on!

So, in light of all the upheaval and uncertainty, I have been scoping out several options for the popular social media platforms. Below are some great options and a brief description of each one. At the time of this post, each of these are available in the Android and Apple app stores.

Social Media with Profiles, Pages, and Groups


MeWe is a social media platform much like Facebook. Although, I found it a bit difficult to navigate. And, for me personally, it was a little on the hard side to get “into” the flow of things. Although, there are many people on the site who find it works quite well for them. It’s definitely work checking out!


Minds is another social media platform much like Facebook, except it’s not. Lol! Minds gives you the option to import your Youtube videos over to your Minds account. Yes, import. In minutes you can harvest all your video content over to Minds. That alone is an awesome benefit. But, wait! There’s more! You can earn money on this platform simply by posting and sharing, among a few other means. Plus, there are already some big names currently on the platform. Therefore, this one is a popular choice for many reasons. Be sure to check this one out as well.


Wimkin appears to be the newest kid on the block, having gone “live” in app stores just this summer. WimKin’s tag line is “uncensored social media”. Which is awesome! (Although, like every other platform out there, do keep in mind you will still have to follow the laws of your country.) Nevertheless, it has a similar feel and functionality as Facebook. And the platform seems to have many similar features and perks. The developer is still working on it and adding features regularly. Yay! At the moment, this is my favorite choice of the ones listed so far. Definitely give this one a whirl. I think you’ll truly enjoy it.


Parler is another great social media option. Although, even though it looks like Facebook, it seems to operate more like Twitter. I admit I’m not as fluent on Twitter as I am on Facebook. Therefore, as a result, I just don’t get the flow of the feeds. It’s more of an opinion feed, than it is a “social” feed. But, that’s just my feels. Anyway, this is a great option if you’re looking for one with that particular type of flow to it. Go ahead, sign up and check it out for yourself!

Video Sharing Platforms


BitChute is a video platform much like Youtube. This was one of the first video platforms I tried out. I really wanted to like it. The biggest downfall I found? The app, and website, are a little difficult to navigate. (Hint: the search bar is hidden in the “three bars” drop down menu in the upper left. You’re welcome. It took me forever to find that! Lol!) I’m sure it’s set up in a fairly simple and straightforward system. Yet, for some reason, I couldn’t seem to get the hang of how to maneuver through the site. Still though, it has a ton of great videos and is another great option to check out.


DTube is another video sharing platform. This is an option that I haven’t really spent much time on. Although, this app is definitely more on the user friendly side than the last one I mentioned. And video monetization is easy here as well. They already have a great selection of videos and are definitely worth looking into for an additional video sharing platform.


dailymotion is yet another platform like those listed above. Although, this is the one I found easiest to use. And, subsequently, is now my “go to” app for videos. The mobile app is easy to navigate and has many of the features most of us are accustomed to. Plus, there’s no wait if you want your channel monetized. That can begin a soon as you get your channel set up. All you have to do is post great videos and get them seen. Plus, you can earn more simply by sharing videos, which is something most of us are doing anyway. So, dailymotion is definitely on the right track and worth giving it a go for creators and consumers alike.

Bonus ~ Messaging Platforms

I have not checked these out as of yet. But, I thought I’d go ahead and include them here. These were recommended in a podcast, Telegram and Signal. Like the social media platforms listed above, both are available in the Apple and Android app stores.

Social Media Wrap Up

Of course, if you’re simply and completely fed up with social media, then you can definitely live without them. Many people have done so for centuries. And many still choose to live without them in today’s world. Remember, there’s always our phones and our good ole faithful email accounts to keep us connected to our friends, family, and business associates. And, of course, there’s carrier pigeon. But, hey! Let’s not get carried away! Lol!

But, yes, life will continue no matter what you’re ultimate goal is. And… If you’ve been looking for a social media platform to check out, then here are a few additional options to consider.

Hopefully, we each find a social media network we enjoy as we do life in this crazy world we live in.

Have a great weekend and Happy exploring!

**** If you’ve tried any of the options I’ve shared, then help us out by sharing your experience in the comments. Thanks!


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