Blogging Lessons – Trial by Fire

So!  I’ve learned another lesson in blogging this week!  First thought is, “Oh, great”. But, it’s not really all that bad.  This lesson actually comes with a good result.

I commented on another blog this past weekend.  After a few days someone replied to that comment.  That’s not anything new.  Actually that happens all the time.  Its the fact they were alerting me to a problem on my blog.  WHAT?!?


It seems that any comments posted on my blog have been automatically tagged as spam.  Sigh.  And, they’ve been being automatically deleted, I think.

Or, at the least, they’ve been sent to an unknown “Never, Never Land” to forever be hidden from my prying eyes.  Believe me.  I’ve tried hunting the elusive comments down with no results.  They are simply not accessible.  

Well, that explains a LOT. Lol!

The Search

After getting the heads up from a wonderful fellow blogger, I went digging into the bowels of my blog comment features.  And searching Google for solutions.  There’s a lot of info out there!  Info that led me to discover I had several comments tagged as spam.

Sadly, I cannot figure out how to access and view those comments.  So, for now they’re lost to me.  Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to access those bad boys.  But, for now my digging isn’t turning up anything.  Double-dang it.  


After even more research, and digging within my blog’s settings, I discovered not all widgets and plug-ins are compatible.  Go figure.  Come guys.  Can’t you all just get along?  Please???  With a cherry on top!?  Sigh.  Nope.  Apparently, not.

It appears I had different “multitasking” plug-ins that included anti-spam functions.  Therefore, I had spam blocking on overdrive going on up in this place!  Who knew???  Lucky me!  Lol!  Err, well, maybe not so lucky me.  Hmmm…

So, anyway, I attacked my plug-ins and got to deleting and deactivating.  Testing and deleting.  Trial and error.  And, finally!  Finally, it appears my comment functions are working properly.  (At least, I hope they are.  Lol!  Please, and thank you, Lord Jesus.)

Thanks Guys!

So, help me show my appreciation by visiting these awesome blogs that helped me discover my comment dysfunctionality.  They are really great peeps!

And, what the heck. Leave me a comment and lets fully test out these adjustments of mine.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon!

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4 Replies to “Blogging Lessons – Trial by Fire”

    1. Thank you! I’m happy about the comments working also. And so very blessed someone alerted me now vs months from now. Whew!

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