Caution. Proceed With Caution

Have you ever faced a time when it became abundantly clear you must proceed with caution? You know, when everything on the whole seems to be going along just fine. Everything. Yet, there still seems to be some niggling undercurrent that you simply cannot seem to put your finger on. And, that niggling feeling will not go away. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Well, I am in such a time. There’s that undercurrent. Steady and sure. Almost unnoticeable. Almost. But, I’ve noticed. It’s causing just the slightest unrest. And, for me, that means it’s disturbing my peace. And, as you know, I’m all about following the peace as I spoke about in this previous post.

Therefore, it’s time to take stock and proceed with caution. Which I have been doing. Although, for about the last week or so there have been different “warnings” popping up at random. Articles shared on Facebook appearing in my newsfeed. YouTube videos popping up while listening to music online. A spam email. A book a friend is reading. And a few other occurrences.

Patterns Within the Warnings

The last couple of days I’ve realized the pattern of occurrences and the similarities in common. Ok. Now that has my attention! Lol! There’s definitely a warning afoot. A warning for within the church. A warning of awareness of evil and witchcraft intruding and infiltrating itself among sincere Christians.

Yes, I’ve always been aware this happens. And I’m sure it happens on the regular. Yet, this seems to be an alert to heighten awareness and defenses in all areas, not just within the church I attend. But, within the entire body of Christ and all it’s influences…churches, videos, broadcasts, podcasts, and even the varieties of Christian music that’s out there. It’s definitely a warning to take note and proceed with caution.

So, proceed I will. But, I will be cautiously proceeding as I go. I plan to dig more into this topic I seem to be seeing warnings about.

I’ll pray. I’ll research. And I imagine I’m going to be doing a lot of reading. Lol. Reading online and possibly reading a few books as well. I definitely need some deeper enlightenment than the vague dealings I’ve experienced previously in this area. And, ultimately, I’ll follow wherever the peace leads me.

Peace. Because no matter what I’m facing I know God has my back. As I do my thing. Research and heed these warnings. I can rest assured that God will always keep His promises towards His own. And me, for now, I’ll proceed with caution.

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So, here’s your warning!

Now… Proceed with Caution.


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    1. Agreed! I took a short break while writing this post and that was at the top of my feed on YouTube. Perfect timing! I’m glad I included it.

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