An Advocate Virus Success Story ~ Check This Out!

Today I am posting a video which shares a success story of an advocate with their hospitalized loved. This was shared with me this past week. And many of the points she makes are extremely valuable in today’s medical climate.

Whether the patient is an child or an adult, they may not be able to truly advocate for themselves. Therefore, it is imperative in those situations that they have someone who will stand up and fight for them throughout their ordeal.

That is precisely what took place and is relayed in this video by Kate Daley of The Kate Daley Show. She discusses her husband’s illness and subsequent hospitalization, as well as her being his strong advocate to help him to recover fully and return home.

As you watch the video, pay attention to the mentions of legal rights of patients as well as their advocates. Also, pay attention to treatments she requested and what she had to do to get them. Kate Daley did not let the medical staff intimidate her into backing down. And this, I believe, is what helped her husband the most in this situation. As we know all too well, Covid hospitalizations do not always end in our favor.

HINT: Take notes on Kate’s advocate experience and add that to the research I’ve suggested previously here and here.

Now. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Video can be found on Rumble here:


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