Be Watchful. Discerning. Research And Clarify Your Knowledge.

It’s been a repeating theme of late to be watchful and discerning of what is going on around us. As evidenced by my recent post on graphene oxide, there are many things in today’s society that are dangerous. And not everyone has good intentions. Therefore, we MUST take responsibility for ourselves and for looking out for those around us.

If you’re a Christian, then you are most likely aware of these basic warnings…

  • Evil awaits your distraction, and seeks to blind you to the dangers around you. (1 Peter 5:8)
  • Wake up, be watchful, strengthen and empower yourself. Pay attention and watch your surroundings. Vet your sources of information. Danger may be just around the next corner. And God could come before you recognize the possibility. (Rev3:1-3)
  • Be careful who you trust to receive knowledge from. Ensure you are listening to the right people. (Mt 23:37-38)
  • Do not ignore the signs around you. Pay attention, it may very well be what prevents your destruction. (Luke 17:26-30)
  • Your heart will always reveal your awareness of your environment. Therefore, guard your heart and be watchful. (Proverbs 4:23)
  • Ultimately, when we blindly accept other’s narratives it can lead us to not be as watchful as we should be. Then we may never see the warning signs that are blatantly right in front of us every day. (Luke 21:20-28)

And then we have our proverbial gut instinct to warn us.

All people, whether Christian or not, have what most of us refer to as our gut instinct. It’s that small voice or “sense” inside you that alerts you when something just isn’t quite right. You must learn to listen to your gut instinct. When fine tuned, it’s a good indicator of when something is amiss. Once you get that proverbial gut check going off, you must pay attention.

For example, is the current hot topic vaccine safe or not? Who do you listen to? What is their track record when it comes to accuracy and reliability? How do you know you can blindly trust the source??? When tracking information it is also important to be able to substantiate the claims that are made.

We all know there are a lot of people out there that are making broad claims regarding safety or hazardous intent when it comes to some substances. But, can you verify those claims on your own? That is what it comes down to. Claims must be clearly substantiated by outside sources. That means sources not connected to you, or the “reporting” source, or anyone that profits from that particular viewpoint.

Therefore, as you’ve been told many times before, do your own research. If something doesn’t make sense, then dig a little deeper on the topic. Bring the unknown into a clearer focus. It’s not like you need to do a doctorate degree’s dissertation, researching for months on end. No long term research program is required. (Although you can dig as deep and as long as you desire.) But, for the most part, you can simply dig in until you’ve found the information necessary to answer the questions stirring in your gut.

I have faith that you’ve got this covered. You are an intelligent person. So, go ahead. Live your life, but remain aware. Be watchful of your surroundings and the information you absorb.

Research. Verify information. Follow the peace. It’s that simple.

You are more prepared than you know.


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2 Replies to “Be Watchful. Discerning. Research And Clarify Your Knowledge.”

  1. There are people a lot smarter than I am on both sides of every debate, so I can’t just “listen to the science.” But when one side is hell-bent on censoring the other, I tend to wonder what they’re trying to hide. And when one side is making billions or trillions, while the others are sacrificing their careers to express their convictions, the ones who have everything to lose and nothing to gain are the ones I tend to trust.

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