Hello, New Year 2022!

Woohoooo! Can you believe we actually made it to a new year? I mean the last year has been a wild ride. Not to mention the year before that. I know I’m not alone in being grateful to put the last two years behind us. But, what about the year to come?

With all the changes we’ve endured from locally to across the world, it makes one wonder what this year will spring upon us. I do believe we’ve proven that we are a resilient people. So, ultimately, we totally have the fortitude and stamina to face whatever is to come in 2022.

Speaking of facing whatever comes….

Many people choose to take a proactive stance at the dawn of each new year. As a part of the new year, many people make a ritual of sorts in making new year resolutions. You know, coming up with goals they want to achieve in the coming year. Which, of course, we all have some changes which are indeed needed. Am I right?! Lol! I’m not really one for “new year” resolutions. To me, it’s something that can and should be undertaken any time of the year.

Nevertheless, yes, there are resolutions. Then there are spiritual goals for the upcoming year. Although similar, these two are not necessarily the same thing. Take for instance the Probable ~ Improbable ~ Impossible challenge. That exercise alone can broaden your faith more than you can imagine. Go ahead! Give it a shot this year.


There are still a lot of things out there to be thankful for in this new year. If you look for the good you will always find it. After all, as they say, you will always find what you’re looking for. So, go ahead and look for the good around you. Heck, simply be the good you’ve been looking for. I’m sure we can all appreciate every good aspect we come across.

Plus, there’s that whole “reciprocal” aspect of “being the good” in this world. You know, that “give and it will be given back to you”, and “with what measure you mete out will be measured back to you, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing” (Luke 6:38). Or, in really basic terms, its that whole karma thing. What you do and think really does come back to you. Therefore, be careful with what impact your words and actions are having on you and the world you live in. Your words are more powerful than you know. (Read more on power of words.)

Nevertheless, its a whole new year. A blank slate if you will. Yes, there are some things that are a constant throughout time. And, yes, there are some things that are operating in a continuum of agendas, no matter how temporary they may be. But as individuals, for the most part, we still have a choice in how we proceed. Therefore, as always, choose wisely. You, my dear friend, are an amazing work of intelligence and character.

So, tiger! Let’s tackle this year and conquer whatever obstacles that presents themselves.

Here’s to an awesome 2022!


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