Top Posts of 2021 ~ We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Well, 2021 was a doozy of a year, but we’re finally ready to wrap it up and review the top posts of the year. I know I’m not the only one glad to have that fiasco of a year behind us. But, some things definitely landed on the good side of life. For instance, this blog saw record numbers of readers this year. I’m still very amazed with the increase in views per post.

So, to all of you that have joined me throughout this year… Thank you! You have encouraged me by your mere presence and attention to my posts. Your time spent here is very much appreciated!

Ok. Enough of the mushy stuff! Lol! Let’s get on with the top posts of 2021.

The Top Ten Posts Written in 2021

10 ~ What’s the Secret? And Why Is It Hidden?

Secret. Hidden. Hmmm… not so much. The more accurate term would be censorship. In this post I discuss many of the methods of censorship that became obvious over the previous year. Many of these methods continue even today.

9 ~ Documentary Everyone Must See ~ Out of the Shadows

This is still a vital documentary. So, if you haven’t seen it check it out. It pretty much brings some controversial topics literally “out of the shadows”.

8 ~ An Advocate Virus Success Story ~ Check This Out!

Just as the title suggests, this post is about w woman who advocated for her husband throughout his illness. She went up against many people, including doctors and administrators, and won. She shares terrific information, so do check this out.

7 ~ Highly Recommended Covid-19 Health Protocols by Dr. Bryan Ardis

Dr Ardis has become a staunch advocate for prevention and treatment of Covid-19. He shares a lot of valuable information. If you aren’t familiar with him, then check out this post. Additionally, I recommend following him Telegram for ongoing updates.

6 ~ More Research – What You Need To Know

This post covers many additional topics for you to look into. Ultimately, trust no one, not even me. Do some research on your own, and see things with your own eyes. Follow your own “rabbit trails”. You may just be shocked at what you find, and what you discover was false all along.

5 ~ Be Watchful. Discerning. Research And Clarify Your Knowledge.

Do you know a warning when you see one? How careful are you? What about gut instinct? These are a few topics I cover in this post discussing warnings and “who do you trust?”

4 ~ Mandates Are Everywhere ~ Here’s How to Legally Fight Them

If you are one of those that intend to refuse the vaccine for personal, religious, or medical reasons, then this post is for you. This post contains a video with instructions help you stand your ground. This is definitely some timeless information to be learned.

The Top Three Posts of 2021 Are….

3 ~ Movie Break Time with Juan O Savin

This is an interesting movie in an abstract sort of way. There are a lot of subtle messages and imagery littered throughout this piece. It comes across as entertaining and informative at the same time.

2 ~ Weather Manipulation ~ Is It Conspiracy or Reality?

This topic was a shocker to me at first. But, yes, weather manipulation is absolutely a real thing. Check out the information in the post. You’ll be glad you did.

1 ~ Do You Know What Graphene Oxide Is? You Should

After reading this post, you’ll realize why this is the top post viewed by readers in 2021. Although the topic is controversial, the implications are daunting to say the least. So, as I always recommend, do your own research and decide for yourself.

Top Three Posts of All Time

This really has been an amazing year here in Quirky Land! As such, the “top three posts of all time” are the same as the top three posts of 2021. So, this year there’s nothing to report under this heading. Lol!

Other Top Posts

Actually, 2021 has dominated and overtaken most posts in the life of this blog. Fortunately, outside of 2021, there are some posts that have withstood the test of time.

The #4 in the All Time Top Posts category, and the #3 post in 2019, goes to Medallion vs Mandala ~ What’s the Difference? (Yes, this post has risen quite well over time. Yay!) This is a question I encountered and could not find a clear answer on. Therefore, I researched it and shared my findings.

The #7 in the All Time Top Posts category, and a post that didn’t even rank in 2019 top posts, goes to Funny Texas Stereotypes. I do find it funny that of all the posts to rise to the top and gain popularity is this humorous post. Which just proves that we all need a good laugh on occasion. Am I right?! Lol!

The honorable mention spot of #8 in the All Time Top Posts category, and the #2 post of 2020, goes to Double Dog Dare You ~ Take the Red Pill. This is still a dare absolutely worth taking. I dare you to jump in!

My Favorite Post

I have to admit that my favorite post involves the Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me. This is really timeless advice that literally everyone can benefit from. I may be partial since my dad is no longer alive. Or it may be that this post was written in my early blogging days, way back in the summer of 2018. (Wow. Just imagine the “innocence” we all embraced less than three years ago. My! How times have changed!)

Well, that wraps up our year in review for 2021. Thank you, everyone, for an amazing year! It has been well worth the work!

You can also check out my annual top posts from previous years… 20182019, and 2020.


As always, thanks for stopping by. Have something to add?  Let me know your thoughts! Hit the comments and share.  Talk to you soon!

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  1. I tried to comment on your post about censorship, but I’m not seeing it. 🙄
    I found this post in my spam folder along with a bunch of others 🤨, so I’m catching up today. Thanks for trying to get the truth out. I’m sure you have succeeded more than you know.

    1. I did see the other comment. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Thank you for reading. And thank you so much for the encouraging words. They are greatly appreciated!

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