Surprises of 2018

Well, its time to relish the surprises of the year, and bid a fond farewell to 2018.  Its been an amazing year.  A year filled with ups, downs, and a few spins for good measure.  Lol!  I always try to let the good outshine the bad.  So, let’s focus on that in this post. 

This year has brought improved health for several around me, including myself.  I’ve also been able to increase my knowledge, and I’ve been able to step up in serving others, including seeing the start of this wonderful blog.  

As a matter of fact, I realized this past week, amidst all the holiday parties, that I hit an amazing milestone.  The biggest surprise of all.  I have officially been a blogger for six months.  SIX MONTHS!  How did that happen?!?  Lol!

I guess time really does fly when your having fun!  It seems to definitely be my experience as far as blogging goes.  So far each post topic has come easily.  And, bonus! At least for now…  Each post has been fairly easy to write.  The ease of the topics and writing have been the best surprises along this whole blogging journey.  I know it won’t alway be this way, so I am enjoying it while it lasts.  

Like most things, everything has a cycle, an up and down, if you will.   And I fully expect that will happen with blogging as it has happened in other areas this past year.  But, on the overall, it has been a good year with mild hiccups here and there.  And for that I am greatly thankful. 

I consider myself thoroughly blessed, highly favored, and ready to tackle whatever the new year has in store.  So, bring it, 2019!  Let’s get this party started!!!


As always, thanks for stopping by.  Talk to you soon!

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