Welcome to the New Year! I Think….

Well, welcome might not be the right word. Fumble. Stumble. Endure? Lol! I’m sure everyone has a differing viewpoint here. Yet… What about new year resolutions. Let’s talk about those interesting things.

Traditions say we should “let go of the old” and embrace or create a new, better life for ourselves in the new year. Its what “everyone” is doing. Goals and resolutions like the resolutions listed by “Live For Adventure” (a great list for us all!) and Jenny’s goals for her blog (Which are awesome blog goals!). So, yes. I’m taking notes! But, like I said, “everyone” is doing making resolutions. So we should too, right? Right?!

Ahhh, That Is The Conundrum, Isn’t It.

But… Is making a resolution really a good goal? What purpose does it serve? And, ultimately, what IS our motivating factor???

I mean, shouldn’t there be more to it when we deem it’s time for a change, a monumental shift in our lives? This is the question which has been popping up in my mind as I’ve read other peoples resolutions, hopes, and aspirations for this new year. What is their motivating factor? What are MY motivating factors? I mean, I’m not extra special here in any way either. Nor are my toenails chrome plated. Just sayin’.

Reality Can Be A Scary Mirror

I propose that the reason behind so many failed new year’s resolutions may be that those resolutions aren’t truly welcome to begin with. It all goes back to those pesky motivating factors. Is change truly desired? Or, more likely, the resolutions are merely based on deeply ingrained societal expectations. They may even be peer induced aspirations.

Therefore, in my opinion, to have a resolution become a successful endeavor the motivating factor must come from within yourself. Even if the idea of your resolution is from another person, group, or even from an inanimate source. The deep motivator must be your own desire for the change the resolution would bring.

The Crucial Divide

And that, my dear Watson, is what will set the victors ahead of all the others. That deep seated desire for change will drive them to their goal, or goals. While all the others will wan and fade over time. That ominous inner strength will be the real deciding factor.

Success, or failure, will depend on each individual’s level of desire to see the resolution fully manifest. Including mine. On January 1st we’re all optimistic about our prospects. But, March will come. And therein will be the bones of the battleground. Darn it. Lol! But, if you’ve made it that far, hang in there! You’re almost to that critical ninety day mark.

Your Needed Vitality For The Long Haul

Yes, for the few – the proud – the resolution over-comers, the excitement may renew when March rolls around. By this point they’ve proven to themselves that their motivations were indeed deep seated enough within themselves. Others may have given them the idea. Friends and family may have motivated them. But, they’ve held strong in their own actions and commitments.

These tough nuts have held on long past when others have faded or even quit. And before long they’ll be closing in on the end of June. Their goals have become their new reality. They’re now in full swing. Life is on the move. And their new year’s resolutions were definitely a welcome part of their new year, their new life. Change has been good. So good.

So Here We Are

But, alas, were still in January. Resolutions, hopes and aspirations are still in their infancy. Ideas and hopes are being tossed about over lunches, cocktails, and quiet times. People everywhere are deciding if they’re going to make a resolution this year. Then we’ll all wonder if they’re motivated enough to actually pull it off.

And what about us? You. Me. Are we brave enough to tackle our hopes and aspirations, then resolve to see them transform us this year? And ultimately, are we motivated enough to succeed? Will the changes this year be welcome? Time will tell. Time will tell all. It always does.


May you be empowered to: Be Brave. Jump in. Get motivated. Get started. Never quit. You, my friend, are an awesome achiever. Know you WILL succeed as time moves you along. So.. Go Get ‘Em, Tiger!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by. Have something to add? Hit the comments and share. Thanks! Talk to you soon!

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5 Replies to “Welcome to the New Year! I Think….”

  1. Quirky Friend, I came over from your comment at Janice Wald’s. I liked this realistic look at resolutions. I haven’t really solidified any goals for this year yet, but I have selected a word for the year: Joy.

  2. Welcome to my world! An thanks for your kind words. I try not to have any hard goals for the new year. Too easy for me to dismiss it a few months down the road. I think I lean towards “lifestyle changes” and those can be done any time of year. 😉

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