2020 ~ Welcome To A New Year & A New Decade!

Welcome to 2020 ~ Happy New Year, everybody!!! We’ve made it through another year, and another decade. Whew! Or, yay! (Depending on how your 2019 went. Lol!) I think I had a bundle of both mixed in there. Although, probably a bit more “yay!” than “whew!”. Regardless, we’re all part of the victorious crowd for surviving and overcoming whatever we faced in the last year, and the last decade as a whole.

Now it’s time to look forward, entertain resolutions, and forge our path in this new year, and this new decade. Speaking of which, 2020 brings instant thoughts of 20/20 vision. But, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot more euphemisms regarding the implications of “moving into” the phase of “2020” and the upcoming “20’s”.

I know I’ve heard my fair share. I listen to a bunch of podcasts, radio shows, and varying speakers; and they’ve all referenced 2020 in one way or another in the past week. One of the more interesting ventures into this new year and decade is from Troy Brewer, a pastor out of Texas. He not only covers scripture (as expected), but also dives into symbolism, history, the Hebrew language, and even gematria. His take on the upcoming year, and decade, are quite interesting. Take a listen to the video below.

“This message is all about what you need to know about 2020 and the next ten years!”

If you’d like to dig in a little deeper on your own, you can check out the history of Hebrew alphabet and this Hebrew letter / symbol chart, and this write up on gematria.

But, overall, I find all the inter-connections Troy points out to be quite intriguing. And, it’ll be interesting to jump in and make our own waves among all the stuff this new year and new decade have to offer. What are your thoughts?


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3 Replies to “2020 ~ Welcome To A New Year & A New Decade!”

  1. Good day! I noticed you stopped by my site. I have been avoiding my site for a few days contemplating shutting it down because I though I head the Lord say don’t do any more Ops. I don’t know if it was a random assembly of words that hit me or the Lord, but I am waiting for that to become clear. Since I have been busy at work and learning some quantum physics for a hobby, I haven’t much time to put in. But I didn’t expect for the Lord to say that. I felt it was a moderate success. While I never wanted to start one, since disqus shut half their sites down, and other sites have been very partisan, I was sort of forced to start my own site. But after a couple months and a few dozen Ops Poof, I got that thought in my head.
    So I don’t dare plow through and ignore it.

    My Resolution is to take God seriously and trust his word. The thoughts in my head are not as trustworthy and I feel that like the thought to check the stove as your leaving the house, thoughts come some times with no true cause but some times that thought might be the Lord and our character will show what thoughts we value and follow.
    So in some sense, I want to push through and continue, but because the voice was pretty loud comparatively I am at a pause.

    That is why I am curious as to what made you stop at my site since there hasn’t been any new posts for a while? I am glad you did, and I enjoyed looking here at your stuff, but wondered how it was you happened by my site?

    1. Hmmm… I was reading random blogs in my WordPress “reader thread”, then read “new to me” bloggers from “suggested” blog posts at the end of other posts. I also checked out some bloggers that we both “Liked” the same blogger’s post. Not sure which path brought me to your sight, but I must’ve found it interesting if I liked, commented, or followed you.

      I totally get trying to discern which path is the Lord vs our own interests trying to crowd out the Lord. May the Lord fill you discernment and tenacity to use your voice and abilities where He can use you the most today and in the years to come. Thanks for checking in!

    2. And thanks for the answer. I am glad for the visit. This blogging stuff is complex. people visit the site from around the world and pick different stuff to look at. I will pray as you have said. And God bless you on your journey as well.

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