The Juggling Act of Life

Learning to juggle all of life’s demands is something we all learn to do eventually. Then relearn. And learn it again, and again. (I know I have! Lol!) Yep! It’s one of those things that’s ever-changing! And that is simply due to the fact that life itself is ever-changing. Hence, the need to periodically re-evaluate as I’ve discussed before. So, time and again, we will assess and shift the items being “juggled” as needed.

On that note, I heard a great analogy recently on the whole juggling act of finding balance in one’s life.

It references that everyone juggles. And that everything we are involved in becomes a ball we toss into the air. It’s up to us to keep the “balls” we care about the most from dropping from our air bound “shuffle”. We must keep the proverbial “air” under certain things. And we can let other things drop and lay there until they can be picked up again if we so choose. It’s a struggle. It’s hard. But, as we all know, from time to time some balls will drop. It’s inevitable.

What we must realize is that not all things are made of the same stuff. (Of course.) Some things are made of plastic which can handle being dropped, and some things are made of glass and cannot take the fall. Additionally, there are various types and thicknesses of glass; some are more fragile than others. Likewise, with plastic, but not to the extent of the fragility of glass types. You get the gist what I’m talking about.

Now apply the glass and plastic variations to our life priorities. The glass balls are those most important things in life like our loved ones and close friends, our faith, our jobs, and so on. The plastic balls are the other lesser important aspects of our lives like house cleaning, occasional events, grocery shopping, and so on. (Those are random things. I’m sure you can think of some great applications of glass vs plastic in your own life.)

The key to juggling life successfully is that when we feel something is about to drop, we must do all we can to make sure its a plastic ball and not a glass one.

It seems obvious, but that is priceless! I mean, I heard that analogy in the midst of a podcast, then instantly forgot the rest of the podcast. Darn it. Lol! But, seriously, it jumped out at me that much! While it’s true I am in the midst of a “re-evaluation” of varying involvements, this glass vs plastic analogy struck a chord and clarified so many things for me. Hopefully, it has for you as well.

I think I’m going leave it at that. We can think in terms of this plastic vs glass analogy. Or, we can think in terms of numbering our priorities; then focus on keeping our highest numbered “things” within the airborne juggling mix.

Either way, this is such good advice that I really can’t think of anything else that would add to the quality of this post. So, I’m going to get off here and go take care of some of my other glass, or high valued, balls.

Have an awesome week guys!

And, may your glass balls be forever catching air!


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