2019 ~ Top Blog Posts of the Year

Yay!!! I’ve made it through 2019, and have a lot of new posts to brag about. Woohooo!!! This week wraps up approximately 18 months of My Quirky Friend. And I have now officially blogged for a full calendar year. How awesome is that?!?

To commemorate this event I have joined the rest of the world in recounting the “best” of this year as it comes to a close. Below is a list of my most viewed posts from 2019. If you haven’t read them already, then go ahead and click on through and check them out for yourself.

The Top 10 Posts from 2019 are…

#10 ~ Delicious Gluten Free Eggplant Recipe

This amazing recipe is a definite keeper! I’d never eaten eggplant before. Yet, this recipe made it taste wonderful!

#9 ~ My Top Tips for Dealing with Fatigue

I’ve dealt with horrible fatigue for a couple of decades now. This post contains my go-to things that have helped me the most to “deal” on those horrible days. If you, or someone you know, fight fatigue, there might be an idea here that can help.

#8 ~ Brownies – The Best Recipe & A Family Favorite

This one says it all. Lol! In my family I am known by my brownie recipe, among other things. This recipe really is “the best”.

#7 ~ My Top 10 Quotes and Sayings (Jan 2019)

I love these quotes! These are probably my most favorites of all time. Although, I am partial to a few of them! Lol

#6 ~ Healing Emotional Wounds – New & Old

Well, what can I say. Sometimes we simply need to face those annoying things deep within us. It’s pretty much the only way to find true healing.

2019 blog top posts
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

#5 ~ Random Thoughts 19.1

This quirky mind simply jumps about some days. The week of this post was apparently full of lots of extra jumps and hoops. Go figure!

#4 ~ Sunflowers & Girl Time

Ahhh, girl time! Sometimes ya just have to hook up with some friends and have some fun. Admit it, even guys need some guy time every once in a while.

#3 ~ Medallion vs Mandala – What’s the Difference?

This was a question that was annoying me for a time. And I was researching it. Then figured I might as well share the comparisons I’d found. After all, I can’t be the only one that was noticing the words being used interchangeably. And, apparently, I was right!

#2 ~ Encouragement and Prayer

Let’s face it. Everyone could use some encouragement and/or prayer. Go ahead. Click and read it. You know you want to. And you could probably use a little more encouragement and prayer today yourself.

#1 ~ My First Blogging Award Nomination

This was a wonderful surprise! And definitely a bit of fun in nominating other bloggers. This is only a part of what makes the blogging community really great!

And, as of today, the all-time top post on MyQuirkyFriend is…..

from September 2018 ~ Trash and Treasure

And that about wraps it up! What has been your favorite post of 2019 here in Quirky-Land? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And last, but not least….Thank you so much to all of you, my wonderful readers. You may not be the reason why I began this journey, but your acts of subscribing/following, liking, and commenting have been a wonderful encouragement and blessing in my life. Know you are very much appreciated.

As we close out another year, together we can face 2020 with eager anticipation of the endless possibilities that await us. Who know’s what I’ll find to write about next year. Yet, no matter what happens, I do know it’s going to be quite the ride.

So, say farewell to 2019, and armor up… Ready or not, the amazing ride of 2020 will take us forward, full steam ahead!


As always, thanks for stopping by. Have something to add?  Let me know your thoughts! Hit the comments and share.  Talk to you soon!

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