Trash and Treasure

Its trash day.  Trash is out at almost every house I’ve passed on my way coming and going today.  Then I saw this particular pile ready for pick up.  Someone is obviously in the midst of moving, or at least simply cleaning out the old stuffs.

It happens.  We accumulate stuff.  LOTS of stuff piles up over time.  If we’re good, we clear stuff out from time to time.  From heirlooms to donations and even trash, we must clear out some things to make room for newer things.  Or, it’s basically to de-clutter.

When I saw this particular collection set out for the trash man, that big bear caught my eye, and my heart.  That was once some child’s beloved bear.  It probably had a name affectionately given to it.  Once upon a time….  But, its time has apparently passed.

Panda Memories

It reminds of the stuffed bear I had as a child. My bear wasn’t quite as large, or cuddly as this one appears to be. Yet, mine would have still been considered larger than most.

My bear was more of a boxy, “tall” thing, that was black and white.  Therefore, obviously, I affectionately named it Panda.  (It was NOT a panda.  Lol)  Regardless, Panda was my beloved possession for many years.

Panda was not so loved by my siblings.  Lol!  I demanded that Panda sleep with me, and my sisters, in our full-sized bed.  They apparently didn’t appreciate the benefits of having Panda join us as well as I did.  Please!

Come on.  We were all skinny little girls.  One large stuffed animal couldn’t have made THAT much difference in an already crowded bed.  Could it???  Why, Yes.  Yes, it could.  And it did.  Panda eventually was banished from the bed at night.  Darn it.  Lol!

Yes, no one appreciated Panda like I did.  Obviously.  Lol!  Which makes me wonder about this trash bear’s story.  Does its “owner” know its been discarded?  Or, were they the one that decided its fate.  I’ll probably never know.

Times Change

To me it’s ultimately a sign of the times.  Children have their favorite toys, then they outgrow them.  The toys get stored.  Some will get donated.  Yet, many others will find themselves in the trash heap at the curb awaiting the trash man.

Kids play and grow, to be replaced by the next group of youngsters roaming the blocks.  Their toys, likewise, are loved and used vigorously for a time; then get outgrown and donated or trashed.  And soon the newer round of toys appear on the blocks.

Seasons come and seasons go.  But, children and their cherished toys are timeless.  They’ll always be here.  Somewhere. Lurking in our neighborhoods.

No matter the economics or nationality of the neighborhood, children and their “toys” are in evidence everywhere.  You see a random toy and you can almost hear the laughter of children in the air.  

Its seamless and timeless.  Life goes on and on.  The world keeps spinning.  And children keep playing.  And toys are cherished by their little owners everywhere.

Cherish Your Treasure While You Can

Then…  The bittersweet reality is that the children we know will grow up.  And their toys will wear out eventually.  Somewhere, somehow, another childhood will close out.  Toys, and stuffed bears, will be donated or discarded to the trash heap.

Much like the bear in the picture above, someday it will be a stuffed bear you know so well sitting at your curb.  And the joyous noise of children around your place will be no more.

So, cherish the kids around you while you can.  And embrace the toys and stuffed animals that may currently annoy you.  Because, all too soon, these too shall pass and be but cherished memories.

Do you have a cherished toy or stuffed animal from childhood? Please share. I’d love to hear about it. 


As always, thanks for stopping by.  Talk to you soon!

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