Think About Your Arguments ~ Seriously…

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think about the arguments we cling to.  Seriously, man.  What do we actually accomplish with some of the things we choose to adamantly argue for or against?  And what does that stance really, really say about us???

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, in the U.S., anyway, Christmas season is now in full swing.  Woohoo!!!  I do love me some Christmas!  What’s not to love with all the fun, food, and fellowship?  All the creative nativity scenes displayed here and there.  Plus, gifts.  We can’t forget the gifts!  Of course, retail businesses worldwide would never let that happen this time of year.  Lol!  Am I right?  But, my absolute favorite is the kids and the look of hopeful optimism on their faces for their wish list to appear in their hands at some point through the Christmas season.  Unabashed hope.  Well, we’ve already discussed that I’m a hope fanatic, so there’s not really a surprise there.  Lol!

The Flip Side

Then there’s the least favorite part of the season for me.  It’s that thing I wish the proponents of which would back the heck up and think long and hard about what they’re truly accomplishing with their stance.  It’s the whole “Christ”mas argument.  Yep.  That’s it.  People go in whole hog on this whole “everybody” MUST “keep Christ in Christmas”.  Its exhausting.

The repercussions are mind-boggling, and not in a good way either.  This argument is so stupid to me.  Ultimately, in my opinion, it’s an argument that actually makes the Church, the whole body of Christ, come across as a schoolyard bully.  And THAT is absolutely bad for many reasons.  Let’s talk about a few of them.

Point #1

The argument, in part, is to keep the holiday named “Christmas”.  They’re slamming anyone who greets you with a “Happy Holidays”, or any other wish or greeting.  I view “Happy Holidays” to encompass Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.  (At least that’s the holidays I celebrate this time of year.)  I have no idea what is wrong with that.  I welcome well wishes that encompass large stretches of time and events.  Am I missing something here?

And, so what if someone says Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanza or any other religious reference?  The way I see it, they are ultimately wishing me “happiness” from their personal religious viewpoint; their greeting is not an all out war for my complete conversion to their belief system.  Now if they followed their greeting up with a conversation meant to convert me then that is a whole other matter.  But, a simple greeting?  Please.  Put away your horns and pitchforks, people.  Think about it.  Pick your battles wisely.  

So, that negates that.  At least it does for me anyway.  Christmas is still Christmas on the calendar, for now anyway.  And, even if it wasn’t, a simple holiday name will never negate what is in my heart.  Nor should it dictate how I treat those around me.  So, please.  Double think what the heck you’re arguing about, please.

Point #2

Another part of the argument is that “everybody” must recognize that Christ is “the reason for the season”, which is Christmas.  Ummm…. Last I checked, America still had laws protecting the rights of its people to freedom of religion.

That’s freedom OF religion.  As such, Americans are free to live out the religion, and its practices, of their choice.  That includes Christianity AND every other belief system outside Christianity.  Forcing a Jew to recognize “Christ”mas is just as wrong as forcing a Christian to recognize Hanukkah.  That wrongness applies to every faith system, including Islam, Buddhism, Atheism, Hinduism, Taoism, and many others.  If you’re a Christian, how would you like it if you were forced to recite and celebrate another Faith’s holy days or events?  I don’t think that would go over too well.

Likewise, I am a Christian and do not plan to ever celebrate or participate in any other religion’s practices or celebrations.  So, why on earth would I arbitrarily force a person of another belief system to participate in mine?  Plus, since I claim to do my practices “from the heart”, why would I force someone who obviously would NOT be doing it from their heart???  Come on, THINK about it, people. Seriously.

Point #3

Let’s see…  Another aspect of the “reason for the season” argument is that Christians choose to recognize the birth of Christ as Christmas day, December 25th.  Therefore, for Christians, Christ is the reason for the season.  Simple.  Right?

OK.  But, ya know, that’s not anywhere in the Bible.  No where.  It’s a choice that some person made, once upon a time, to connect the birth of Christ with Christmas.  A choice.  And it’s not a biblical one either.  There are many stories, legends even, about how Christmas truly began.  Some are quite contradicting.  But, regardless, Christmas nor the actual birth date of Christ are mentioned in the bible.  So, come on!  Again, think about it.

To me, they are two completely separate things we celebrate in December every year.  There’s Christmas, which is this highly commercialized holiday society recognizes at large; complete with decorated trees, gifts, and a fat old dude in a red suit (none of which are in the Bible).  Then there’s the birth of Christ which I recognize because I’m a Christian and love all things about my Saviour.  Those are two completely different things to celebrate and participate in.  So, again, WHY would I engage in Point #2 above when I will absolutely refuse to reciprocate?  Why argue about it???

Point #4

Ultimately , the argument is, well, it’s just that, an argument.  And what point is it making in an effort to further the cause of Christ?  Is the argument causing the masses to suddenly fall in love with our Lord and recognize Jesus Christ as their Saviour?  Seriously???  I think that’s the last thing that’s happening.

I’ve watched too many Christians argue this argument till they’re tense, flushed, and yelling. And they absolutely will not calm down or see reason.  Ummm….  Seriously.  That is NOT sharing the love of Christ with those that don’t know Him.  My bet is that it’s sharing more hatred than anything else.  So, who’s side are they arguing for now?  

And whatever happened to that “peace that passes understanding” they claim Christ gives them?  Yeah, that isn’t anywhere in this “testimony” they’re sharing with the world while they argue vehemently for their beloved holiday.  Their noticeable “lack of peace” is the absolute worst part of this whole argument debacle.  Really, really think about that one.  That is a huge loss for the Kingdom of God.  

Point #5

Exactly what part of this argument actually testifies of Christ to the point it compels the unbeliever to genuinely want to dig deeper to learn about Christ and Christianity?  Isn’t that the ultimate goal?  To allow our actions and our words, our very lives, to point others towards the Trinity ~ God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit?

If so, then what exactly is this argument accomplishing???  Nothing.  In my opinion, it’s not accomplishing anything positive for the Kingdom of God, or Christians.  To me this so-called “fight for the faith” is a useless trap created by people over a non-biblical choice created by other people.  It’s another pharisee ritual gone awry.  Man made rituals pulling simple followers farther from the truth of the gospel of Christ, the transformational power of the Holy Spirit, and from the presence of God Himself.  And THAT, my dear friends, is the greatest tragedy of them all.

Just Think About It

I really don’t intend to start another argument.  My!  Wouldn’t that be ironic.  Lol!  No.  My hope is to shed some light, another viewpoint if you will.  I really do hope people will stop and think about the arguments they entangle themselves in.  Whether it’s this argument or another, do yourself a favor.  Stop.  Think deeper about your topic.  Step back.  View it through the lens of an outsider.  Think about the repercussions of your stance on yourself, your faith, and every other aspect that may be touched by your stance.  Think about what you truly hope to accomplish with your argument.  Then proceed with caution.  Choose wisely.  Simply think about it.  

~~ Originally Published November 30, 2018 as “Think About It. Seriously…” by MyQuirkyFriend ~~


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