How Effective Are We At Helping Others???

How often are we helping others? Additionally, how effective is our “helping hand”? Thinking of that, and with the current economic downturns due to Covid-19, it’s bringing to mind our collective ability to truly help others when they become desperately in need of help.

I mean, how are we seriously helping people we individually come across. Ultimately, we are all humans. We all have a need for the basics of food and shelter. Secondary, but just as vital for humans, is the need for purpose and having a “place” to fit within our society in some way. Essentially, the need to be needed.

Let’s break it down to a personal level.

What is your response when someone asks you for a helping hand?

Do you defer and refer, then walk away without another thought? Do you ever think to actually check back to make sure they were able to gain some help? Or, do you actually do the helping first hand and follow through until the person sends you away permanently? Just how involved do you allow yourself to become in the needs of your fellow man?

Sadly, most people prefer to refer people somewhere else for the needed help. Yes, there are amazing organizations like Operation Blessing, The Salvation Army, and many others nationally and locally. Yet, it’s as if most people simply cannot be bothered to personally lend a hand, stop to sit and listen for a bit, buy a meal, or put a few bucks in someone’s gas tank. And, really, a lot of time the real need is nothing money can help with.

Sometimes it’s a matter of simply giving a person an opportunity. An opportunity to be seen as a vital person to the world around them. Humans have a basic sociological need to be heard, to be valued. And that need does not disappear simply because another human deems them unworthy of their time.

I believe we are all God’s creations. Jesus Christ died for each and every human. Therefore, everyone is vital in some way. Everyone has an amazing story to tell. As such, every person deserves to be treated with love.

It’s that whole “love your neighbor” thing. Ultimately, I believe, its our love and community with each other that sets us apart from mere animals. And it is that love that keeps us connected with the society around us. From local to international levels, it’s our love for our fellow man which enables us to build a more desirable community.

So… How are you helping and loving on those around you???

Go ahead. Do something effective. You know you want to!

Every Act of Love by Jason Gray


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