Changes, Chances, and Choices

Choice Chance Changes

Hmmm…Changes do indeed start with our choices, don’t they?!

I saw this meme recently which made me think, or realize, how accurate and simple things really are. Everything around us in life that results in changes indeed begins with our choices. I talked about the power of our choices a while back. I don’t think there’s really too much more to say about our choices. Well, other than they are absolutely the beginning point for our changes.

The picture above states states it so simply, when it comes to lasting changes, making a choice is only the beginning. You absolutely have to be willing to take the chance with your actions to make your change a reality.

There are many books and podcasts available on making changes that last. One such book is Making Lasting Changes by Peter Hollins, which happens to be free on Kindle and Audiobook at the time of this writing. But there are several others if this one doesn’t fit you.

If you’re really interested in changing then find a book or program that speaks to you. When you do, you’re more likely to stick with the proposed process. That is the ultimate goal after all, right?

Its all in those “choices” we’re talking about. And buying a book or a program, is a part of that whole “chance” thing the picture is talking about. Make the choice. Take the chance. And before long the changes you desire will materialize.

Of course, this entire concept also applies to our subconscious choices as well. So, be wise and smart with your thoughts and actions. Own it. Be intentional and you’ll have a much higher chance to travel a path in life you will be satisfied with in the long run.

Choose Wisely.

Take the Chance.

Make the Change.


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