Impacting Those Around Us

In my day to day moving and shaking I rarely think of the impact I have on those around me. I move from task to task, or from thought to thought of tasks. Lol! Yes, I try to be conscious of the impact I’m making. But, let’s be real, it’s easier said than done!

But, the impact we make jumped out square in front of me this week. It left me smiling. And forever impacted by the actions of another. Matter of fact I’m still smiling days later. How’s that for an impact!

The Same Old, Same Old

I had to go to Walmart this week and grab a few things. I know, Walmart. But, the workers are friendly and the prices for name brands are almost always cheaper there. Regardless, on this day one worker in particular made this Walmart run oh, so worth the trip!

I have heard of this young woman from several others. But, alas, I had never seen her with my own two eyes. I doubted she even existed. Or, at the least, had moved on to bigger and better things.

The Best Impact Of My Day

Then, there I was in good ole Walmart. Done shopping for my few items, I was searching for a quick checkout. I almost walked right past her.

My focus was on the conveyor belts and picking the quickest line. I saw an empty belt, and a lady receiving her change and receipt. Squealing the tires on my turning buggy (ok, not really…lol), I approached the conveyor belt.

THEN I saw that mythical creature which had been frequently spoken of. Ummm…how to describe her…. I’ve heard her referred to as a bunny, a princess, and even an Alice In Wonderland type character. I knew I just had a verified chance encounter of the most wonderful kind!

A Face Myths Are Made Of

She has long, light pinkish, lavender hair with bangs. A wrap headband that makes one think of bunny ears, except today they were tied together. Pale pink dusted makeup, with caricature style makeup accents; even her arms were dusted in this same pale pink makeup powder!

I tried not to stare. And I mostly succeeded, I think. Lol! Hey! I’m a mature adult! Most of the time anyway. Ha!

Anyway, I simply could not stop smiling! We made small talk. She graciously consented to having her picture taken. (And, yes, she gets asked often.) We finished up and I went on my way. Smiling like a Cheshire cat! (No pun intended. *Wink, wink.)

Lasting Impact

After I left I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Or stop smiling, for that matter. Then it hit me how big of an impact she was making by doing herself up the way she does. Most young adults are rushing head long into becoming mature, sophisticated, never-show-a-soft-side, serious adulthood. Not her. Impact is dripping from her pink powdered pores.

She’s ignoring societal expectations and wholeheartedly embracing her Disney-esque side. Not only that, but she’s also spreading smiles while working what many would consider a menial cashier job at a discount retailer. (Just goes to show life is what you make of it! But, that is a whole other write up.) This girl here. I think she’s my newest hero.

I don’t know what her long term life goals are. But, she is totally rocking her current days in our town. She’s making an impact far beyond what she realizes.

What About Us?

I’d like to think I’m making a major impact in my current days as well. Including my work to stop an overflowing toilet at my volunteer job this week. That did earn me great accolades from everyone there that day. Even the guys. Lol!

But, as far as everyday life goes, I’m mostly happy go lucky and trying to spread smiles and joy wherever I’m at. In one group, I’m known as “the hug lady”. (Hugs are FREE. Why not give them away???) For those who prefer to avoid traffic, I’m their girl since I don’t mind traffic at all! Life beating you up? Let me encourage you to hang in there and fight back!

Overall, I truly believe it’s the little things in life that matter the most. Therefore, that is were we can make the biggest impact. Just like dressing up like a character and happily working a cashier job simply to spread joy into others lives, one day at a time.

So, what about you? What impact are you making??? Please share in the comments. You never know, someone might pick up an impactful habit from you. Go ahead ~ Pass it on!!!

Pixie Cashier By MyQuirkyFriend (C)

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