My Top Tips and Nifty Things for Travel

Are you getting ready to travel? Need a get away? Here’s some nifty things to check out and a quick list to help ensure you have what you need to enjoy your trip.

Nifty Things For Smoother Travels

First off, I was wasting time the other day on Amazon and, since I’m writing about traveling this week, I ended up looking up things for “travel”. They’ve got some pretty cool stuff! So, I decided I’d share them with you. You’ll find them spread throughout this article. Check them out! Ya never know, you might see something you just have to have for your next trip.

Travel Tips

1 ~ Obvious Aspects

These are pretty obvious, but I’ll state them anyway – transportation and accommodations. Make sure you know how you’re going to get there and where you’ll crash out when you need some “shut eye”. This includes a ride to the airport and a rental car, if needed, at your destination.

Other obvious aspects are your clothing and hygiene items. Check the weather for your destination on the dates of your trip and pack clothing accordingly. Fill up those travel bottles, complete any early check-ins necessary, and do a quick mental run through of your normal routine to make sure you’ve packed everything. Yep, I think most of us have these things covered. So, let’s move on.

2 ~ Prepping Your Vehicle if You’re Driving

Is your car ready for the road? Make sure to give your vehicle a little TLC before you go. That includes checking all fluids, and tires; or have them checked out. Make sure to get the oil changed beforehand, if needed. Then, go ahead and fill up the gas tank.

Don’t forget to give your vehicle a little freshening up. I like to run mine through a car wash, and at least give it a quick vacuum before a trip. Add a little organization with something like the Backseat Organizer shown. And, last but not least, remove all the excess items that won’t be needed while on your trip. That frees up space for riding comfort and souvenirs! You’re welcome!

3 ~ Medical Necessities

Make sure you have everything you’ll need to maintain your health while you’re gone. This includes getting refills for prescription medications (including Rx oxygen machine/tank), and don’t forget your supplement supply. If you have meds that require refrigeration you might consider a Medical Travel Cooler like the one to the right.

If you use any medical equipment, be sure to check with your airline for any assistance required during travel and flight duration. Or, check with your road trip companions to be sure you have enough vehicle space to accommodate the added cargo.

Add a first aid kit. No matter how big or small its always good to have one when traveling. This First Aid & Survival Kit shown has a really good setup that would be perfect for your vehicle. For airline travel, you could simply fill a baggie with some basic first aid essentials.

This may seem too obvious, but just in case, make sure you pack extra contact lenses and up-to-date prescription glasses. You never know when a contact might tear and you’ll need to replace one. Or, you just need to go without your contacts and need to see while you go without them. Don’t leave yourself in a lurch like I once did. (That was not fun.) So, go ahead and pack your extras!

4 ~ Travel Snacks

It doesn’t matter if I’m flying or driving, there will be snacks in my travel bag. Lol! This saves money in the long run. Plus, I have food allergies and other restrictions which makes it hard for me to find acceptable snacks on the run. Therefore, planning ahead is definitely the way to go!

My go-to travel snacks are nuts, protein bars, jerky, trail mix, and other things along those lines. When I’m traveling by vehicle and can have an ice chest handy, just like the Lightweight Insulated Collapsible Cooler shown, then I’ll include cheeses, fruits, and drinks.

5 ~ Carry-on Bag Necessities when Flying

After hearing of layover, delays, and lost baggage nightmares, I now carry all Rx meds and supplements in my carry-on bag when I fly. Additionally, I’ll carry anything I might need for an overnight stay without my full luggage. To keep everything organized you might consider a carry-on bag like this Travel Backpack.

For me, the carry-on necessities include one extra shirt, underwear, and socks; deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush; hair brush, clip, etc (depends on hairstyle needs at the time); small package of wipes (good for after snacks, or if I need to clean up during a long delay); glasses, spare contacts, and solutions; phone/device chargers; light makeup bag for quick touch-ups (for a delay); anything that cannot be easily replaced at my destination (if my luggage is lost); flatiron (those are expensive! lol); and a book/game in case my phone battery gets low or dies.

6 ~ Chargers!

Speaking of phones dying! Lol! In today’s day and age, chargers are vital! And I have had to go shopping for one when I’ve left mine at home. Don’t be me! Lol! Carry your chargers for all the devices you’re taking with you; phone, camera, fitbit, tablet, laptop, and so on. The Small Travel Organizer for Cables and Small Electronics shown here is a great idea. And, don’t forget the necessary
car lighter port and wall ports like the International Wall Adapter/Charger shown above. Those cables will do you no good if you forget the port to plug them into your source of electricity.

I think that covers the vital things, so I’ll stop there. Hopefully, I’ve given you a boost towards making your next trip a safe and enjoyable one. Happy Trails!!!


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