Paradox. Life is full of them. Just about the time you think you’ve got something nailed down… Boom! You encounter an instance when the opposite is true.

Here’s the Definition of Paradox according to Mirriam-Webster….

1: tenet contrary to received opinion

2 a: a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true

2 b: a self-contradictory statement that at first seems true

2 c: an argument that apparently derives self-contradictory conclusions by valid deduction from acceptable premises

3: one (such as a person, situation, or action) having seemingly contradictory qualities or phases

Paradox in the Bible

It makes me think of scripture which is FILLED with paradoxes! For instance, John 11:25 states that we must die to live. Then there’s the verse just after it, John 11:26, which states that whoever lives and believes in Christ shall never die. What?!? Yep. Its in there!

The Paradox of the Blue Law (in my opinion)

I was in a discussion group this week and the old “blue laws” came up. (If you’re not familiar, here is a good link about the Blue Law and what it entailed.) In short, the Blue Laws prohibited specific things from being done on a Sunday, the day Christians choose to observe the Sabbath. The question was posed – do you think the laws were a good thing, and should we bring them back? Or, not? And, for your response, why?

Personally, I think its a good thing that we no longer have the Blue Laws in effect in the US. It all boils down to forcing the rules and values of one group onto another group. Talk about a paradox! And, even more so, isn’t that a form of legalized slavery??? No wonder people fought back. Seriously.

According to history and the Bible, the Israelites hoped and struggled and prayed for centuries to be released from their oppressive slavery with the Egyptians. Why, oh why, then do some modern day Christians wish to enslave the non-Christian population with laws based upon principles that we believe in simply due to our faith? And I won’t even address the differing views Christians themselves have about which principles “must be followed” vs other more subjective principles.

Then there’s the flip paradox of another group forcing Christians to follow laws that would contradict their core principles. Yeah. Now, we all know that wouldn’t go over too well. Would it?

Paradox in Life

Meanwhile, aside from all the heavy paradoxes that surround us, there are the little paradoxes we encounter as well. For instance, sometimes you go through life where you seem to drift. You can’t seem to get past the “here and now”. No matter how hard you try. Then other times you’re all about the future. Planning and setting things in motion. Constantly perceiving cause and effect outcomes. Which is right; which is wrong? Ummm, they’re both a yes! Lol! It can really boggle the mind!

Nevertheless, I really do try to live in the moment. You know, enjoy the here and now. Focus on the good, and beauty of the people, and the things around me in this moment. I do that, for the most part, all while trying to keep a tab on the future. For it will never happen again just as it is right now. And just like that, the moment is gone, and we’re on to the next.

Paradoxes are interesting. Especially, in a debate setting. But, we cannot let ourselves become too consumed with unraveling the paradoxes of life. That could take centuries! And, in the end wouldn’t solved anything in the world of contrasting truths that are the paradoxes themselves. Indeed – Paradoxes are all around us.


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