My Valentine

Like most everyone else in developed countries, Valentine’s Day brings fond thoughts of my own valentine. So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share what an amazing man my Lord has blessed me with.

As of last month, we have now officially been together for thirty-five years. (Wow. How time flies!!!) In some ways our first date seems like eons ago. Then, again, it seems like such a short time. Which, I guess, in the grand scheme of things it has been a relatively short time. Nevertheless, we’ve been together though a few moon cycles. Just a few. Lol

We’ve been through the highs and lows common to close relationships. We’ve brought kids into this world. And we even raised them into decent self-sufficient adults. There were first homes, first cars, first credit cards, and so on. Then, eventually, we experienced foreclosure; and later on repossession. Our credit has been mediocre, in the bottom of the pits, and higher than we’ve ever anticipated.

Yet, through it all, my Valentine and I have stuck it out. Yes, there were times we wanted to “drop kick” the other person straight over the moon and walk away. But, thankfully, reason prevailed. We remembered the little things that started it all. Those things we really do love and appreciate about the other. And I can tell you with absolute certainty, that hanging on during the absolute worst times was totally and completely worth it.

My Valentine may just be another “hairy-legged-boy” to most people. But, he’s my “hairy-legged-boy”. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I was young, we watched The Waltons (link). There was a scene with two of the sisters chatting about love and relationships, while one brushed the other’s hair at a vanity table. The seated, younger sister asked the older sister “how do you know its true love?” The other sister stopped brushing, stared at her sister in the mirror in front of them, then stated “When it’s true love, you won’t have to ask. You’ll know.” I can’t remember which sisters it was, but that conversation has stuck with me throughout the years.

Now we all know there are crazy emotions and misleading people in this complicated world we live in. But, for the most part, I believe people in general are honest and truly looking to connect with others in an honest manner. (Of course, I could be completely delusional. Lol! It may simply be an overflow of my hope fanatic personality.) Anyway, ultimately, we’re all struggling to find our way in one aspect or another. And that includes aspects of our love life.

A few months of dating, and I knew. It was just like the Walton sister had stated. I didn’t have to ask. I felt it in my gut. Luckily, he felt the same way. We discussed marriage, and the how’s and when’s. Then ultimately, we decided “why wait?” So, a mere eight months after we became a couple, we made it official and were married. Though our relationship has had its hard times, marrying this man has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Like I mentioned, we’ve had our disagreements. At times, we’ve worked against each other. Yet, as we’ve matured, we’ve come around quite a bit on a multitude of issues. We’ve learned that being “right” isn’t always worth fighting for. In the end, we have to fight for each other, not against each other. And, I think we are finally there. Well, mostly there. Lol! We still say or do stupid stuff. But, we survive. We stick. We are still we.

Valentine Bragging Rights

Let me brag on my Valentine just a bit here. This amazing man now helps cook dinner, and clean up afterwards. He is not afraid of shopping at Walmart. (SCORE! Right, ladies!?!) He mops regularly, as well as other household chores. And this is on top of being a business owner and taking care of his own personal projects. I’m definitely a winner here.

As a matter of fact, I had an issue recently with driving and walking, so I kept them to a minimum so I could heal. Without even asking, he would consult our ongoing shopping list and hit the stores to do the shopping for me. Wow! For a month I didn’t even go into any stores. (Thank you again, darling! You’re the bestest!) Plus, he was constantly checking on me and making sure I had what I needed, catering to me per se, so I wouldn’t have to get up. His personal care and attentiveness helped me heal that much faster.

My man is mechanically inclined, a self-starter, and is very confident in his abilities. Therefore, he can fix pretty much anything that goes wrong, or design whatever he wants. Just a few weeks ago, he was up early on a weekend morning, hit the store fore me, hit the home improvement store, then built suspended shelves in our home. Afterwards he moved stuff around to fill the shelves and clear the another space, and even did some laundry. He did that all before fixing dinner. He did this all, by his own choice and drive, with a sore back and a bad knee. I would’ve been in a crying heap if I had done all of that in one day. He’s my hero!

So, to my man…. I love you to the moon and back. I know I am extremely blessed to have you as my man. And I thank God every day that you are mine and I am yours.

Happy Valentines Day, my love!


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