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Have you ever read a book and learned something valuable to help you in your business? I think most business owners have at one time or another. Unfortunately, I haven’t done that in a while. This came to mind while I was surfing Amazon looking for books to help increase my webmaster knowledge after my adventure last week with the “white screen of death“. I had an epiphany moment when I realized the types of books I shift through as the years go by.

I’ve jumped from fiction to self-help to business to spiritual, and on, and on. Then back again. Some of those books were simply a waste of time. Others were simply fiction for “goof-off” reading. Nonetheless, my current searching led me to books that would benefit the business sides of my life. This search led me to good books with decent prices, including some formats for free. (Prices and availability are beyond my control and are subject to change.)

My next thought was to share my best finds with other “like minded” individuals. So, here ya go! These are just some of the books I found interesting to read for business purposes.

Books to Read for Your Business

  1. She Means Business by Carrie Green ~ Free on Audible
  2. Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box  by The Arbinger Institute ~ Free on Audible
  3. Entrepreneur Mindsets and Habits: To Gain Financial Freedom and Live Your Dreams (Vol. 3) by James Moore ~ Free on Kindle & Audible
  4. Investing for Beginners: A Short Read on the Basics of Investing and Dividends (Book 4) by James Moore ~ Free on Kindle & Audible ~
  5. Start Balancing / Hardcover  by Kristy Dickerson ~ Hardcover, used, starting at $1.55 (price at time of posting)
  6. TakingPoint: A Navy SEAL’s 10 Fail Safe Principles for Leading Through Change by Brent Gleeson ~ Free on Audible
  7. Return on Courage : A Business Playbook for Courageous Change by Ryan Berman ~ Free on Audible
  8. Connecting the Dots: Lessons for Leadership in a Startup World by John Chambers ~ Free on Audible

That should be enough to get you started! Right?!? Hopefully, you find something here of interest that can benefit you in your current and future business ventures.

Best wishes to you in all your business ventures!


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