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Hey, guys!  (And gals!)  Check out my new recommendations page!

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Yep!  I finally made a page of stuffs I recommend.  I had seen one such page on another blog.  It was simple and pretty cool.  So!  Its been on my to-do list for a while.  And, now, Tah-Dah!!!  It is officially checked off my list.  Woohooo!!!

For now, I have added books, some charities, and a couple of artists.  The books are ones that are keepers in my reading library.  These are ones that made an impact one way or another when I first read them.  Additionally, I always reference back to them time and again.  Hopefully, you’ll find some to add to your reading list.  

I’ve also listed my top three charities.  They range from support of children through multiple orphanages all the way to rescuing children and adults from sex-trafficking around the world.  In one charity, there are orphanages, as well as school supply and Christmas gift assistance.  In the other charities, there are constant rescue and support operations for victims of sex-trafficking, as well as prosecution funding for the apprehended traffickers themselves.  Both charities support efforts to house those needing a home, whether temporary or until they come of age and/or can fully support themselves.  When they take on aiding someone they get serious, and committed.  They seriously commit to seeing each individual through months, or years, until the charity’s support is no longer needed.  Check them out!

And lastly, for now, I added a couple of artists I really like.  One is a pencil artist I have talked about before.  And the other is a Christian artist that is really quite good.  Be sure to check them both out.  You’ll be glad you did!

Now, I’m going to be kind to all of you faithful followers.  Last week I delivered a mega “book” post.  (Sorry.  Not sorry.  Lol)  So, this week I’ll keep it short just for you.  (Your Welcome!  Lol).  Now, I’m out.  Have a great weekend! And…  Don’t forget to check out My Quirky Recommendations!

As always, thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon!

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