Random Thoughts 19.3

Oh my goodness, peoples, my thoughts have been jumping all over the place this week! Its like thoughts arising completely irrationally. Well, about as irrational as finding a pineapple along your path. Weird. And random, right?! Therefore, it’s obviously time for another Random Thoughts post. Buckle up! This could become a blender of weirdness as my brain spurts the most random thoughts of my week.

  • PSA ~ Make sure you are NOT in “squirrel mode” when making business calls. (I didn’t on Monday. Smh…. On the bright side, the person on the other end of the line took me in stride and we accomplished our task. Additionally, we had a hilarious laugh at my lapse in brain power. It was definitely a Monday! Lol!)
  • Per my painter friend… Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby can be addictive! (Shop with caution, my friends. Shop with caution. And sales. And coupons. Yep, sales and coupons are a must! Lol!)
  • Waking Up is HARD to do some days! Or a lot of days. Like, it’s going on a couple of weeks for me now. Sigh.

Thoughts On My Favorite Style of Chargers…

  • Do you know how hard it is to find the angled miscro-usb chargers? I highly prefer these for my phone and tablet. It keeps the wires from becoming damaged due to using the device while charging. For more information you can check out these on Amazon. Amazon is about the only place I can find them anymore. Darn it.
  • Have you ever faced your fear? Is it really a fear if you can easily conquer it? Maybe that makes it a minor fear. Or, are all fears actually just obstacles? If it is simply an obstacle, then we can train ourselves in the skill-sets required to overcome them. Right? Hmmm…
  • Doing stretches and light calisthenics on a dark back porch is oddly relaxing. Add in some soothing music. And you’ll be ready for bed in no time!
  • My inability to wake up may have contributed to my hilarious business call on Monday. And possibly my squirrel brain. Possibly. May. Have. Ya think??? Mwahahaha…
  • I have the best husband! Yes. Yes, I do! Whoop! Whoop!
  • I was surfing Youtube and found “DIY pedicure” videos. Ummm… Is that really possible? I mean think about when you need to really trim curved toenails. I’m not sure “how” you’d do that yourself. Ya know, with the needed viewpoints, angles, and all. Just sayin’…
  • FYI ~ Two cups of chopped walnuts are too much for a 9 x 13 pan of brownies. (Yeah, I know the aforementioned recipe suggested one cup. But, hey! I was in the mood for nutty brownies! Lol) Anyways, with the excess nuts they turned out kind of crumbly around the edges, which usually doesn’t happen. So, FYI… Although, maybe if I reduced the cooking time by a few minutes that might prevent the extra dry edges. Hmmmm..)

~ Dogs are confusing!

  • Begging me to let him out. Then… He won’t go out. Yeah, I know what he really wants. And… “No. You may not have another snack, you wildebeest.” (He thinks he can outsmart me. Hahahaha….)
  • Wait. So, where do you find all those weird tools they use in pedicures anyway? I’ve never seen the likes of some of those things. (They’re probably torture devices in disguise. Be nice to your pedicurist, peeps! Seriously!)
  • No. I do not need a nap. Although, I do need something to knock off the “How did I become soooo drugged” feeling at 7 am. That crud makes it hard to “rise and shine”!
  • I need a credit card. It’s mind boggling searching through all the differing offers out there. It’s really messing with the continuity of my thoughts. Besides, they all have great attributes. Which card would you recommend?
  • Fact. If you have fibromyalgia, sitting at your desk for long periods can induce painful stiffness. I gotta get up from this computer for a bit. For realz, ya’ll.
  • Ok. I’m moving. I think my dog needs a treat! And I need a brownie. Of course, I do!
  • Now I’m curious about YOUR most random thoughts from this week??? Please do tell! Lol


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