Sunflowers & Girl Time

Ahhh….sunflowers are almost as beautiful as my girlfriends. Almost. But, Not quite. What makes me compare the two? I’m glad you asked!

Girl Time Away

Last week I went out of town with a few girlfriends. We were definitely in need of some quality girl time. And what better way to enjoy each other than doing a get-a-way together? Yes, it was fun and refreshing!

We shared lots of great moments with each other. We sang together. Laughed together. We did a little shopping. We got out and enjoyed nature. And we told stories upon stories with each other. Among those stories was the story of the sunflower. It really is quite interesting.


One of my wonderful friends shared with us the habits of the sunflower. She shared how sunflowers follow the sun from sunrise to sunset. And when the sun is hidden behind a cloudy sky, two sunflowers will face each other. For a little more in-depth look at sunflowers ScienceABC has an easy to read blog about sunflowers and the sun.

Upon further research, I found its only the young flowers that follow the sun from sunrise to sunset. Mature sunflowers will always face east, always ready for the first light of day. This also enables great pollination, as insects love the sun warmed flowers.

Friendship Illustrated by Sunflowers

Sunflowers do indeed turn towards each other on cloudy days. Here’s an article that goes more in depth on this phenomenon. The article really covers this concept well. Therefore, I’m not going to rehash it again. This is generally called a “sunflower kiss” as illustrated below.

But, my friend spoke this truth into us. It was really interesting to grasp the parallels between the friendship and sunflowers. Sunflowers follow the sun as if their livelihood depended upon it (well it does). Comparatively, as a Christian, I follow Jesus, the Son of God. And yes, Jesus is a major part of my “livelihood” as well.

Yet, secondary to God, friendships are equally as vital. I’ve written about friends before on a few occasions. For more reading, you can check out my post about what makes a friend. But, suffice it to say good friendships revitalize us. We do indeed need each other.

Which is why this weekend was a great get-a-way. My friends and I looked into each other’s faces and we connected. We carried those that needed carrying. And we rejoiced with and encouraged each other.

And, just like the sunflowers turn towards each other, we refilled each other with strength and fortitude. That refilling enabled us to return to our every day lives and pour into all those around us once again. And that, my dear friends, is what friendships are all about.

Just as sunflowers find strength in the sun and each other…

May you be renewed in the sunlight, and your friendships revitalize you both.


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