Ten Ideas for Your Holiday Weekend Plans

Its Labor Day weekend!  (At least in the States it is. 😉)  Can you say HOLIDAY?!?!? LOL!  As such lets focus on some fun stuff we can do!  Whoop!  Whoop!


Get together with family and friends!  Go ahead you know you want to.  This is a great opportunity.  To quote Nike, Just Do It!

2. SWIM ~

Jump in that pool one more time before we bid farewell to summer!  Don’t have a pool?  Hit up a friend that does.  Or, better yet, head out to the beach or the lake.  Orrrr….  Whip out the sprinkler and let your inner child frolic to their heart’s content.  Go ahead!  Get wet!


Fire up that grill and cook some meat!  Whether its burgers and hot dogs, or chicken, steak, or even veggies….  Everyone loves a good grilled meal to enhance the summer fun.


Outside isn’t your thing?  Head to the movie theater.  Or, you can simply get in your cozy spot while you “Netflix and chill”.  Have a list of movies or series episodes you’ve been waiting to catch up on?  Do it this weekend!


Blasphemy, I know.  Lol!  But….you could spend a bit of time catching up on your cleaning chores.  At least do some cleaning inside in preparation for those wonderful friends you’re inviting over.  And…. Yeah, well, ya know.  If your going to have all the peoples over on Labor Day then you could spend a bit of your weekend also spiffing up the yard before everyone’s arrival. Just sayin’.

6. READ ~

You could also always read.  If you’re a reader then you know you have a stack of books you’ve been wishing you had time to read.  Dive in!  Or, just chill with God, praising Him, reading the Bible, or doing a study that’ll draw you closer to Him.

7. BE LAZY ~

Stay in your PJs, or slip on your comfy clothes and simply do nothing.  This is the perfect chance to master the next 100 levels on your game apps.  This is always a great option!  Well, sometimes.  Lol   Be careful you don’t drive yourself bonkers with the need to “get something productive done”.  Nothing messes up a good lazy day like your brain nagging you all day to get up and get busy.  Darn it.


Get out there and take advantage of all those holiday sales!  Call some friends.  Make a day of it.  Go ahead. You know you want to.  Shop-aholic?  Here’s your excuse!  You’re welcome.  Lol


Take some time to plan ahead.  Whether it be advance meal preparation, or prioritizing your Christmas list, taking some time to get it done.  Planning ahead now can be a major stress reducer in the future.  So, go ahead and get your future organized.


Above all make sure to enjoy your weekend.  Even if you have to work your job over the weekend, find a way to bring joy to your tasks.  Life is just too dog gone short to live it miserable and with regrets.  Remember…Keep smiling! It makes people wonder what you’ve been up to. 😁


Well, there you go.  There’s a few ideas to get you going this weekend.  Have other plans?  Please share in the comments.  Inquiring minds want to know!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Talk to you soon!


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