Forgotten Friends

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Forgotten friends….We all have them.  But, are they really forgotten?  Or, more specifically, we may simply “forget” about their struggles.  Therefore, in a sense, we are forgetting about them when they may be needing us the most.  Are they in all actuality, amongst our busy stressful lives, the part of our lives that just flat-out get ignored?  Is our response to their struggles subconscious indifference?  Or, are we being intentionally obtuse towards the struggles of our friends?  I’m being dead serious here.  Are we really, REALLY a friend if when our “friend” is facing a trial, no matter how long their trial seems to be taking, and all we seem to be able to offer is charitable platitudes?  Seriously.  SERIOUSLY???

What Do You Do To Help Them?

How often do you offer “to pray for” them, or their need?  Or, do you send them “good vibes” or “best wishes”?  Then go on your merry way.  Yo, dude.  Not being a Christian doesn’t exempt you!

Besides, Christianity isn’t a magic trick where all your troubles suddenly disappear.  Your world becomes perfect.  A world where all your friends have perfect lives.  No one has any need, only wants.  No, Christianity isn’t a private club of perfect people living perfect lives.  You know….  Everyone has perfect homes.  Absolutely perfect finances.  Fabulously perfect bodies.  Fantastically perfect careers.  Obedient, perfect children.  You know, perfect everything.  Yeah right!  

Regardless, no matter what your belief system is a reality check may be in order.  Wake up and get your head out of the sand, or the clouds.  Get real and realize all humans have issues.  There is no discrimination of faith, race, nationality, or anything.  Every “body” needs food and shelter.  In most societies worldwide people have to have a means to provide those things for themselves, and possibly their family.

Do They Have Resources Available?

What happens when they are unable to pull that off for a time?  What happens when they can’t find “help” in the society at large?  Isn’t THIS where family should care for each other, no matter what?  If not, then friends would be the next safety net, so to speak.  People should never EVER find themselves completely left alone to deal with life’s sudden crap-fests.

Yet, as friends, what do we really offer as a means of help?  Do we remind them of charities in society that might help in their situation, then go on our merry way?  Or, hey, don’t they have family?  What about that long-lost 90-year-old aunt that lives three states away.  Have they bothered to call her?  Anybody?  Anybody else but me?!?!?  << That seems to be the true sentiment we have when someone near us is in need.

Yes, I’ve been guilty of that thought.  Too often, if I’m totally honest.  And, please, you probably have too.  So, what do we do to reverse that default, that trend?

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Be a Purposeful Friend!

As humans we truly do need each other.  Its been said that everything is first relational before it is functional.  Therefore, we have to be a people who are connected.  And to be connected, we have to come alongside each other.  We have to join together not just at parties and the good times.  We must also walk those desolate roads together.

Staying connected to our friends is a necessity.  And when we learn of their struggles, be willing to pitch in to help.  We have to get rid of all thoughts that its somebody else’s responsibility.  You learned of the need.  So, DO something.

What CAN You Do???

Offer that needed task.  Not sure what their needs are, if any?  Ask!  Ask specifically how you can help them.  Then do it!  Live out my post about the Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me.  Actually DO what you say you’re going to do.  Be a reliable and dependable friend.  Don’t be that lazy friend that just offers platitudes.  Ain’t nobody want a friend like that!

Sometimes its simply lending an ear.  (Hint.  People deeply desire to be heard.  So, listen.  Then act on it, if needed.)  Other times it may be offering to babysit, or give them a ride somewhere.  Sometimes the need is financial, sometimes not.

Its amazing when we actually can help someone financially.  But, that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes its as simple as sharing what you have.  Split that bag of potatoes you have with your hungry friend.  Those potatoes will be like gold to your friend.  Trust me.

So, DO you have a friend that is struggling in one area or another?  Not sure?  Ask! And, don’t just offer words.  Actually HELP them if they need it.  Go on.  DO IT!  You’ll be so glad you did.  They will be ever so grateful.  And you’ll both be blessed beyond measure.

As always, thanks for stopping by and hanging out awhile!  Talk to you soon!


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