Living Your Passion

What is your passion?  What makes you tick?  Does one thing come to mind?  Several things?  Now I’m not talking about family, or kids, or any particular person.  (If a person is the sole thing that makes you tick, you might just be codependent.  Look it up.  It’s not good.)

No.  What I’m talking about is that one thing that you default to time and again.  It’s not anything illegal or physically addictive.  It’s probably more of a hobby or a side activity you have.  It simply draws you back.  That thing that comforts you or helps you grow or express yourself in some way.  As I’m describing this thing, its highly likely that something has come to your mind.  That thing you’re thinking of?  THAT is your passion.

In my opinion, most people follow a familiar pattern.  They first are “faking it” for others…..THEN  they eventually begin following their true passions.  Some hit the pattern and proceed quickly through it.  Others may take years, if ever, to go after their passions.  The lucky ones will finally go after that one thing that has always made their heart sing.  Yay!  Better late than never, right???

One of My Loves

For me, among a few other things, I have always loved reading.  In meeting up with old classmates, more than one has recalled the fiction books I carried to class throughout our school years.  They remember that as far back as during middle school I read books everywhere.   Additionally, I still have a book of riddles and rhymes I got while in elementary school.  Yep, reading has been a huge part of my life for various reason.  

I also have a reputation for being able to accurately, or precisely, write things out.  In my teens I even wrote poems.  They are at my parents place somewhere.  Well, I hope it’s still there.  Regardless, I have no idea why I stopped with the poetry.  It just happened that I did.  I do know that reading and language arts was not my favorite subjects in school.  And I really didn’t even find writing all that fun.  Eventually, writing was more like a chore or a necessity.  

Unknown Passions Lurking Within Us

Ironically, I never really thought about writing, in any form, much less for publication.  That just seemed too “big”.  Like it was something too overwhelming to really go after.  (Silly me.  Oh, the years I’ve wasted.  Sigh.)  Then one day someone said something and it just clicked.  For lack of a better phrase, my baby leaped.  The spark ignited!  I blame Jehovah Sneaky for sparking that flame, and making me go where I’d never been before!  Lol!  Before long I was hooked!  Why not go for it?  Besides, what did I have to lose by following after something that branches from a lifelong passion of mine?

Likewise, there are many others that have tried to follow what society, or family, or friends think they should do. Some can spend years following paths that have nothing to do with their passions. Others find their way to passionate living earlier in their lives.

Cases in Point

For example, take Tami Jolly Smith that I wrote about previously in my July Check it Out post.  On Tami’s artist profile page she states that she spent years in various fields in the business world before she decided to finally make a business of her passion for drawing.  And I’m so glad she did. Check out her website  when you can.  You’ll be glad you put out the effort!  Even better if you decide to commission her to do your own piece. If so, come back and share it. I’d love to see it!

Another example is Hunter Price the singer/songwriter. In a July 2018 episode of the America’s Got Talent TV show his talents were nationally revealed.  His now viral clip on YouTube shows him singing a karaoke crowd fav.  Then after being stopped by Simon Cowell and questioned, he begins to sing a song he wrote himself.  The difference is astounding!  Here’s the AGT performance I’m referring to. 

For your listening pleasure here’s the full video of his song Left Behind.  You’re welcome.  Sadly, the following week he was voted off the show.  Regardless, keep an eye on this guy.  With that voice and songwriting ability we’re bound to hear more from him.  You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Get ‘er Done!

So what is it that’s deep inside you yearning to get out? Are you listening to others or your internal voice.  I’m not talking about emotions.  I’m more referring to that internal “sense”, that gut instinct, or whatever you call that thing.  Think about your passion, then think about pursuing it. 

Put a plan in place.  Ask the essential questions.  What will it take?  Can you make a career of it?  What is the process?  Find out.  Do the research.  Go after it.  You are an amazing individual.  You alone have something to offer the rest of us that others cannot do with your flare.  So, give it to us.  Prep then get after it.  Your passion is worth the effort!

Already know what your passion is?  Please share in the comments.  Don’t Forget to come back update us on your progress.  Now, GO!  Get ‘er done, Tiger!


As always, thanks for stopping by! Talk to you soon!

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