Weather Manipulation ~ Is It Conspiracy or Reality?

Have you heard of “weather manipulation” capabilities? In case you’re not familiar with the phrases “weather manipulation” or “weather modification” let me explain. Weather manipulation or modification is the ability to change, enhance, or manipulate the weather, and weather patterns, by man-made means.

There is a long history of humans claiming to be able to manipulate the weather as is covered by this How Stuff Works article. In my research on this matter, I came across this video put out by Walt Disney in 1959. Here they describe and demonstrate actually being able to move a hurricane. Yes. You read that right. They demonstrated how they could MOVE a hurricane! Amazing! Check out how this is possible in the video (use the link if no video appears below).

Then there’s this video on “Weather Modification in Wyoming”. Here they describe being able to manipulate storms to increase rainfall in efforts to protect against droughts. If the Walt Disney video of 1959 put you off as “a long time ago” or “Disney fiction”, then this Wyoming PBS edition might help a bit. It was put out in 2017. (If the embedded video below is unavailable again, then use the “video” link in this paragraph.)

Then there’s the HAARP facility.

HAARP, stands for “High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program”, which is a scientific facility for studying the ionosphere. It is located near Gakona, Alaska. Here’s more about it from the HAARP website and more from Britanica. The descriptions and explanations all sound pretty good and on the “up and up”. No conspiracies involving weather manipulation seem apparent. (Then again, I’m not up on half the scientific jargon they used in either of the HAARP description articles. Lol)

Yet, there are plenty of others that believe the HAARP antennas are being used in weather manipulation. Here is an Ancient Code article on NASA’s use of the HAARP antennas in connection with weather patterns. Yes, fantasies and conspiracies abound. But, are they false?

Check out this article which includes more info and another weather related video (at least check out the video). And here’s a article for some historical points to consider. Seriously, there are so many write ups on this topic, it’s actually mind boggling to consider the possibilities. Better yet, do your own research. Find your own links. Decide the validity of the topic for yourself.

So, is weather manipulation possible? Well, in my opinion, the answer is an obvious “yes”.

The real concern then becomes “who” has the capabilities of using this technology. If “good guys” can use it for “the good of mankind”, then it’s entirely plausible that the “bad guys” can also use it for nefarious means. And that, my dear Watson, is the real concern with this whole process.

When crazy, unnatural weather happens we all begin to wonder “how” it possibly happened in the first place. For instance, I’m late putting out this very post because of the crazy string of freezing temps, ice, and snow happenings in the southern portions of the United States. I live in this region. And during our current “icepocolypse”, like many people in multiple states, we cut off all extra use of electricity we could (including not firing up my desktop to write a blog post). Hopefully, our conservations helped a bit in easing the stresses on the electrical grid in our local area. (Even though, amidst rolling power outages, we still lost power for 13 hours straight. But, really, that still is nothing compared to those who lost power completely for days.)

Nonetheless, pretty much the entire state of Texas, known for its heat, is currently in the midst of a record breaking couple of weeks of freezing temperatures, snow, and ice.

Yes, Texas is pretty much shut down due to extreme amounts of ice and snow accumulation that are blatantly historical. The state simply does not have the equipment to handle ice or snow covered roadways statewide. I mean, who would have thought that even the coastal beach resort region of Galveston, Texas would be covered in snow. Much less that they would be covered in snow for a prolonged period.

Yep. This is craziness!

I’ve heard all kinds of things to describe our current frozen tundra. But, one of the more frequent comments is on how unnatural the current weather patterns have been. Unnatural, indeed. It definitely adds to the possibilities that someone, other than Mother Nature, is messing with our weather. Because, let’s phase it, it is indeed unnatural for beach resort regions to be covered in snow and ice.

Unnatural. That simple phrase, on repeat, is what led me to research if the weather could even be manipulated. And I definitely found more information than I bargained for! Lol! And I learned how very far humankind has come in our technological advances.

We have obviously reached the point, many years ago in fact, that humans can indeed engage in weather manipulation. And now that we know that it is a possibility, can you imagine what else we’re capable of? The possibilities are limitless!


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2 Replies to “Weather Manipulation ~ Is It Conspiracy or Reality?”

  1. “He loads the thick cloud with moisture; the clouds scatter his lightning. They turn around and around by his guidance, to accomplish all that he commands them on the face of the habitable world. Whether (!) for correction, (!) or for his land (!) or for love, he causes it to happen.” Job 37:11-13… Man is only manipulating weather for self destruction. Same goes for messing with God’s firmament!

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