Easter and The Church in the Year 2020

There are some unique happenings this year in connection with this weeks holidays, (Christian) Easter and (Hebrew) Passover. This year, as happens every few years, Good Friday and Easter occur in the midst of the holy week of Passover.

  • Passover 2020 is Wednesday, April 8th thru Wednesday, April 15th.
  • Good Friday 2020 is Friday, April 10th.
  • Easter 2020 is Sunday, April 12th.

It’s actually nice to see a large part of the world populace step back from current events and rest in their faith in recognition of these historical holidays. Over the last month our world has been filled with conflicting information about Covid-19, increasing restrictions on social distancing, essential worker classifications, and an ongoing frenzy to sew face masks for everyone.

I’ll admit my mind has been a bit all over the place as well. There are so many aspects of the current state of things. And they’re coming at us from all over the world. It’s enough to seriously drive us crazy if we let it. And therein lies the key, we must not let it drive us crazy.

Easter is here. Life is still moving. So, carry on, my friend…

In the midst of writing, and tweaking this blog post, I took a break. During which I visited a few other blogs I follow. Amongst them I came across Lily’s post which so eloquently discusses a letter from Martin Luther King Jr and also true unity in the body of Christ. This post resonated with my own thoughts on unity within the body of Christian believers.

With all of the controversies and conspiracy theories being bandied about in the news and on social media there is something else that is rising up as well. It’s unity. People from all over the world are unified in a variety of ways due to the worldwide focus on the Covid-19 virus.

Among all the common experiences already listed, many are coming together through their faith in online groups and virtual church services. It has become increasingly obvious to those of faith that our congregation’s primary building is of little consequence.

For Christian’s, we are The Church. And in these times, the “Church” has indeed left the building. As such, for most, it is becoming quite a bit easier to help our fellow man.

So, just like Jesus rose from the grave over 2000 years ago, so are people of all faiths rising up. We are stepping out of our busy cocoons and noticing our neighbor’s needs more now than before. We are helping those around us in great and small ways. It’s so heartwarming to hear about.

What I see are a people that refuse to cower in fear. I see healthy people that are stepping beyond their fears to help their fellow man. They are exhibiting their faith that God will help them overcome today’s restrictions. This shows itself every time they step our of their homes. Most of those times they make a difference that ripples throughout their community.

In a way, this is also what the early Church did after Christ Jesus was crucified and resurrected on that first Easter so long ago. They went about helping and healing their fellow man. And they shared their faith in God that empowered them to do all the things they did.

Likewise, may any fears you have be overshadowed by overwhelming faith in the risen King, Christ Jesus.

Happy Easter to All!

Faith Over Fear easter passover
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash


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    1. Exactly. And there’s definitely a shaking going on throughout the world these days. 👍

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