Eye Exercises for Better Eyesight

Have you ever heard of eye exercises that claim to actually improve your eyesight? I haven’t! Yet, the claims are that you can indeed reverse your poor eyesight. Therefore, I invite you to explore this option with me. Learn with me. And, hopefully, we improve our eyesight together as well.

What Made Me Search For Help With My Eyes

I have worn glasses or contacts since my teens (almost 40 years). Earlier this year I began having random bouts of seeing double. I’d blink. It would clear. Voila’! Then it would happen again. Slowly, it was happening more frequently.

I realized one day, when it happened while driving, that it would clear if I closed one eye. Each eye will see clearly. But with both eyes, known as binocular vision, my vision would double. It slowly became a natural reaction to just close one eye when the double vision would occur. After an intense episode while driving, I scheduled an appointment with my optometrist.

I learned at that appointment that one eye was randomly not lining up horizontally with the other eye. Then it would randomly not line up vertically. This is called diplopia (the medical term for double vision). There are several types of diplopia as described in this medical dictionary.

His ruling? Tired eyes. I could try “resting” my eyes more. But, unfortunately, his only long term treatment option for me was prism glasses, if my diplopia continued to worsen. I was advised that the concern with prism glasses, once you go there, is that one is never be able to wear contacts or “regular” glasses again. Therefore, my eyes would become dependent upon the “prisms” to correct my eyes. Well, I didn’t want that! So, I decided to wait and see if the “resting” my “tired” eyes would help.

Having diplopia concerned me as it is a symptom of Graves Disease, which I have. (I discussed in a previous blog post about my health.) Therefore, I had my thyroid and antibody levels tested. And everything came back looking wonderfully well. In fact my antibody counts were the lowest they’ve ever been and were almost non-existent. Yay! So… Whew! That was on less worry. Right?!?

My Search Began

Anyway, back to my eyes, which were still giving me problems. I rested my eyes by cutting down my “screen time”, and wearing my contacts only when I was away from home. After a few weeks of “resting” my eyes with only temporary improvements here and there, I decided to search out any other remedies available in the ether of the internet.

Subsequently, I came across multiple videos and blogs mentioning The Bates Method and the Meir Schneider Method. The Bates Method is credited to an ophthalmologist, Dr William Bates. In the early 1900’s, Dr Bates developed and recommended eye exercises which in turn improved a multitude of eye problems. He later wrote a book which included his entire regiment. Later publications, after his death, removed some portions of the Bates Method, but there are a few that claim to still have the entire protocol such as “The Cure Of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses: Dr. Bates Original, First Book – Natural Vision Improvement (Black and White Version)”.

Later, Dr. Meir Schneider, PhD. took the Bates Method and added his own professional and personal discoveries to develop his own approach to restoring healthy eyesight. Dr. Schneider eventually published his method in his book “Vision for Life, Revised Edition: Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement”.

The methods claim that eye exercises done regularly can improve multiple eye issues. Those issues include: nearsightedness or myopia; farsightedness or hyperopia; age related farsightedness (need for reading glasses); astigmatism; cross-eyed or double vision; glaucoma; cataracts; macular degeneration; ectopia lentis; nuclear sclerosis; and others.

Luckily, YouTube Has a Lot Of Demonstrations of the Methods of Simple Eye Exercises Suggested.

After ready a few blogs and watching several YouTube videos on both methods, a found a few favorites. Therefore, here are a few videos to get you started.

Very Informative Video About the Eyes, History of Eye Health, Then Suggested Eye Exercises

Another Informative Video

Videos of Eye Exercises

Well, there ya go! Hopefully, that’s enough to get you started, if you’re interested. I’m giving it a try and we’ll see if it helps my eyes.

I can tell you that after several days I have noticed some positive improvements. It no longer hurts to look to the extreme left or right. (That used to be pretty problematic!) I am also successfully driving around without sunglasses, unless the sun is glaring directly into my windshield. And, there seems to be some improved visual clarity in every environment. Woohoo!

So, join me! And let me know how these methods help you improve your eyesight. Thanks!


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