Kanye And Podcasts

Between Kanye West’s new album and some random podcasts, my week has been one “wow” after another.

In case you haven’t heard, Kanye West released a Christian album last Friday. It has a nice mix of styles and levity. Here’s a playlist of Kanye’s Jesus is King album on YouTube for you to check out. Give it a listen. I think you’ll like it!

Jesus is King Album by Kanye West

Along with being a hope fanatatic, I also love me some good music as well. That being said, I’ve never really been into rap as a whole. Though there are several songs that I do like that are considered to be rap music. Nevertheless, I actually enjoyed this album. Like I said, its a nice mix, including the song with the goofy Chic-fil-a reference. (Yeah, that’s a statement I didn’t expect to be thinking this week. Lol)

Like most others I took a listen to the latest release by Kanye West. Enjoyed it. (Several times. lol) Then I got busy with my life again. Meanwhile, there were my podcasts. Yes, they are Christian podcasts with a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints. (I figure that helps to keep me grounded and my faith well rounded.)

Podcasts and Music

On one of the podcasts, one of the guests told of his childhood years. Amongst the stories, he told of an experience he had when he was just a kid. At a church service there was a singer that sang “O Come Let Us Adore Him”. The speaker recalled how captured he was that someone would sing a “Christmas” song in the middle of July. Throughout the singing he was totally caught up in what a true worship song “O Come Let Us Adore Him” actually was.

He remembered going home and later finding himself alone doing his required Bible reading. Then he thought of that song and decided to worship with that song, just him and God. It so impacted him that he continued that deep devotion daily; and that devotion set the groundwork for an experience three months later which was life changing for him. And that is the transforming power of God at work here on earth. Transformation that continues to ripple outward.


And now, decades later, that ripple has hit me, much like someone else’s ripple hit Kanye West. And Kanye is now creating ripples of his own to impact others for the good of Christ. (How awesome is that!)

From Kanye’s music, to the podcast mentioned above, to another podcast, the interesting thing is that there seems to be a theme emerging from my past week. There’s a call to draw in closer to God. To seek after and find him, again, and again. From Kanye, to podcasts, to Christmas songs out of season, the hunger to just put on some music and worship God is just overwhelming at times.

Have you ever been there? Just stuck in the presence of God. Forgetting your need to “make a ripple”. Dwelling there. And not ever wanting to leave? That was precisely what that man experienced as a little boy in his quiet time. Just him and his Lord.

That testimony made me want to stop my life for a bit, and just bask in God’s presence once again for a little while longer. Likewise, I invite you to find some time real soon to find a quiet spot. Put on some of Kanye’s new music, or some old faithful Christmas music, or anything else that lets you focus in on the presence of God. And just soak in it. You never know what ripple may produce from your sincere worship.


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