Benefits of Chiropractic Care

As I have referenced before in my fatigue history and fatigue tips posts, I benefit greatly from chiropractic care. Hence, this post about the benefits of chiropractors and chiropractic care.

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What is Chiropractic Care?

Here is a link to the National Institutes of Health web-page about the capabilities, education and licensing requirements of chiropractors at the national level. Further requirements and/or capabilities vary by state.

The American Chiropractic Association has compiled a collection of questions with answers, and key facts concerning chiropractic care.

Harvard Medical School has this article about using chiropractic care for pain relief.

Benefits Per the Experts

According to The Joint Chiropractic there are several unexpected benefits of chiropractic care. Those benefits include a boost to immunity, improving digestion, increase in energy, possibly lowering blood pressure, better breathing, and possibly a healthier pregnancy. Those are definitely some positives anyone could enjoy.

There’s also HealthSource “America’s Chiropractor” that lists twenty one benefits of chiropractic care. You can view their list in their benefits article. And The Pain Doctor goes a step farther with their even longer list of benefits. Even USA Today, though not precisely an expert, even notes the benefits of chiropractic care.


“The most common side effect of chiropractic adjustment is some soreness or achiness at the site of the adjustment. The Mayo Clinic also notes that some patients may experience fatigue or headache after receiving chiropractic care. In some cases, worsened pain, herniated discs, or stroke are possible, but these are extremely rare.” ~ The Pain Doctor

Compiled List of the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  1. Improves joint mobility, function and health.
  2. Decreases the inflammatory process.
  3. Loosens tight muscles and loose muscles tightens loose muscles; which improves the contract ability, and strength, of muscles.
  4. Decreases degeneration of the joint and connective tissues.
  5. Improves a person’s mood/attitude/mental health.
  6. Improves circulation.
  7. Corrects/Improves posture.
  8. Relieves/Improves discomfort during pregnancy.
  9. Improves pregnancy labor and associated back pain
  10. Increases energy, and vitality Improves nervous system function.
  11. Improves an individual nerve’s ability to carry nerve impulses more efficiently.
  12. Strengthens the immune system.
  13. Improves relaxation.
  14. Improves the function of individual organ systems (heart, lung, endocrine, sinuses, digestive, etc).
  15. Speeds up the recovery process.
  16. Improves symptoms of neurological conditions.
  17. Seeks to find the source of the pain/issue, not just the symptom.
  18. Works with other healthcare methods (inclusive, not exclusive).
  19. Improves sleep.
  20. Treatment for some fertility issues.
  21. Aids with headaches or migraines.
  22. Ear infection relief.
  23. Help for some Menstrual disorders.
  24. Relief for gastrointestinal syndromes.
  25. Lower cost per visit than most doctors.
  26. Relief of vertigo.
  27. Provides preventative properties towards sickness, disease and pain.
  28. Improves the body’s ability to handle stress.
  29. Relief of some injuries from automotive or work related accidents.
  30. Improves physical performance for any sport.
  31. Calms a hyperactive mind and energizes a depressed mind.
  32. Decreases pain levels.
  33. Nutritional knowledge.
  34. Personalized exercise suggestions.
  35. Benefits health and wellness for all ages, including infants and children.
  36. Multi-disciplinary approach which includes other services offered. (Massage therapies, Applied Kinseology, Acupuncture, TENS Unit, etc.)
  37. Improves cognitive function.
  38. It is a non-invasive treatment option.
  39. Relatively low risk. (As noted above.)
  40. And possibly more not listed.

That is quite and extensive list! A list of which I have personally experienced many of those benefits myself. Hence, my recommendation to utilize the services of an honest and knowledgeable chiropractor near you.

Therefore, if you’ve been considering giving chiropractic care a try, then do it. There are a great many benefits your body would appreciate. I know mine did!

Here’s to improved health through the benefits of chiropractic care for all of us!


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