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Music playlist memories
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It’s always a good time to reminisce with music stirred memories. Right?!? This week I have been listening to music while working. More precisely, I’ve been listening to a playlist I’ve been building on for years. While listening, I turned on “random play” to mix things up a bit. And, boy, what a mix I’ve heard! Lol!

I’ve heard some pretty good ones. Some were my absolute favorites for a time, others not so much. Some of the songs in my music library I’m stumped to recall why they’re even in my digital music library. Lol!

Regardless, of the reason, I thought I’d share some of the better ones with you this week. Enjoy my impromptu music playlist. Hopefully, they’ll stir some great music memories with you as well.

Mi Vida Loca ~ Pam Tillis

I definitely live a crazy life. Lol! You have now been warned! Mwahahahaha…..

Human ~ Rag’n’Bone Man

Blame. Ownership. Tellin’ it like it is….

Stressed Out ~ Twenty One Pilots

Ah… Childhood memories! This song especially reminds me of my brother.

Kaw-Liga ~ Hank Williams

Then there’s the “infamous” Kaw-Liga. I can’t count how many times I sang this as a kid. Poor Kaw-Liga never did get a kiss. Ha!

So What ~ Pink

Everybody needs an “angry” song. (Ok. So, I’d probably never actually do half of the stuff in this video, but I can fantasize and scream-sing. Then I’m good. lol)

Suddenly ~ TobyMac

Then there are those “suddenly” moments. Yep!

King of My Heart ~ Steffany Gretzinger

And, at the end of the day, the King of my heart is still the same….

Well, I think I’ll stop there. What songs are on your old playlists??? Do tell!


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