The Church, Sports, And Their Really Amazing Similarities

What if true and faithful followers of Jesus Christ were like a sports team? Can you see the Church as an American football team? If so, would the Church be able to perform at the pro level? Would we make it to the playoffs? Or, even the win Superbowl?

These questions may or may not be hopeful, depending on your view of the Church. Yet they can indeed be very eye opening. There are so many different belief systems that fall under the label of Christianity that it boggles the mind.

Then, even within a Christian belief system, or denomination, there seem to be varying levels of freedom or dogma that prevail. Some groups play well with others, even other Christian belief systems. Yet, many do not. Dogmas have been formed over years. Lines have been drawn for decades, even centuries.


The thing is IF the church was really like a pro football team, then all this divisive dogma would prevent us from playing the game well. In fact, the lack of respect for our fellow teammates would get us trampled when we entered the field of play. In reality, any good team is not made up of 100% quarterbacks or linebackers, to the exclusion of all other positions.

There are many positions, or jobs, that must be played in sync with the other positions for a team to score. And this cohesiveness must be replicated over and over again to continue scoring and to win the game. Yet, just one win, or battle, will not get a team to the playoffs. The cohesiveness of the team must continue throughout each game and into the playoffs. Without team cohesiveness and mutual respect a football team will never make it to the playoffs, much less a Super Bowl game.

The Church

So, like the scriptural analogy of the parts of the body, we must recognize the value of our fellow believers. The roles each of us play has an eternal value that God has specified for each individual believer. This goes back to that whole TRUSTING GOD THING. We must give up control and simply do the job God has given us. In focusing on our own position and purpose, and trusting our fellow teammates to do theirs, our team has a much better chance at making an impact. And, after all, isn’t that the ultimate goal? Aren’t all of us really here to impact the world with Jesus Christ?

So, How do we change historical responses within the body of the Church? How do we radically change ourselves to be as effective as a professional Superbowl winning team?

First, we must pray for ourselves and our fellow man that as truth is revealed it is received. We need to ask that our eyes are opened to see what God is showing us. Pray our ears are opened so we may hear what God is sounding off before us. And that our minds are opened to perceive true knowledge that God is revealing to us. Pray as well that our hearts are opened that we may feel His love within us and for every person we see. Furthermore, pray the Lord fills our mouths with the right words at the right time so that our agenda is nullified and the hearer hears what the Lord has for them.

Next, we must learn to put our differences aside and focus on the core undeniable truths of our faith. The base thing that unites us all. Its the truth that Jesus of Nazareth was born. God recognized Him as His Son. Jesus was crucified, then resurrected from the dead. Then ascended to the right hand of God. Jesus is our uniting truth. If you believe in Jesus, and have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within you, then you ARE on Team Jesus.

As a result everyone on Team Jesus should realize that we are indeed a team. As such, we need begin to respect our abilities as well as our differences. If we think about it, though they may be different, in reality each honest belief or practice serves a holy purpose. And in doing those things we bring a smile to God’s face. Which ultimately is what a good close relationship does. Right?

Known For Our Unity

As the scriptures describe, the world will know us by our unity. Its our unified love for each other and the world around us that reaches others for Christ. Its not our dogmas, or our infighting. It’s never those things that draw people in. People are drawn to hope and goodness, and so many things that cannot be outlawed.

Remember, its the Goodness of God that leads people to seek forgiveness. Yet, so many Christians focus on sharing only what God hates, or actions they themselves disagree with. If only one perspective were spoken, what would you be more open to hearing, correction or encouragement? Sharing only one aspect is living and reaching in extremes. And just like anorexia or severe obesity, life is never healthy when lived in an extreme existence. And spiritual beliefs are no different.

Team Jesus

Therefore, if you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, realize that ultimately all of His followers are indeed on the same team. Despite denominational, cultural, or national divisions, all believers in Christ are on Team Jesus. As such, we need to unite and start acting like the mature Christians we claim to be. As the ads proclaim, just do it.

So, let’s stop the infighting. We ARE family. We ARE a team. There is hope for the Church. And as we heal and join together there is increased hope for the world. They can indeed have the peace and hope that Christ Jesus brings.

May you find true freedom with Christ within the of the body of the Church and throughout the world. And may all those who truly believe in Christ recognize that we are all on Team Jesus. Our roles may be different, our influences may vary. Yet, we ARE all headed for the same goal and destination. That is the one true constant we must not lose sight of.


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