10 Random Tips To Make Life Easier For You And Those Around You

So! I was contemplating what random stuffs I could blog about this week. Then several smaller thoughts occurred to me. None of them were enough for a stand alone topic. Then I realized they all seemed to have a common thread, or random tips you could use. So, viola’! After putting all my thoughts together, there is definitely enough information to warrant a good blog post of information we could all be reminded of from time to time.

Therefore, here are 10 random tips to consider in living this life with our fellow man.

  • 10. Slower traffic move to the slower lanes please. (In the U.S., that means move to the right.) To clarify, if others are constant following too closely behind you, then it might mean you are driving slower than others in that lane and will need to move over. Also, if other vehicles are whizzing past you even though they’re in a “lane for slower traffic”, then that’s your sign to move over. Please. And thank you. Lol
  • 9. Choose to grow old gracefully. There are some things we simply must accept, and others we must stand our ground on. Loosing an ability, even the ability to drive or live alone, is something that may not be avoided as we get into our elderly years. Choose now what your response will be. Hopefully, your choice will be one that will allow you and the ones around you to be happy and at peace no matter the situation or place you find yourself in as you age. Again, the choice is yours. Choose wisely.

8. Be kind. You never know what battles the person you’re dealing with is facing in their life at the moment.

  • 7. Be an encourager. Ultimately, everyone enjoys an encouraging word. So, speak life into others no matter what their “issues” are. At our heart, every one of us loves to hear a compliment or an encouragement. I know I do.
  • 6. Be courteous to the servers and clerks in the stores and restaurants you visit. This is even more appreciated in our current trying times. Odds are that the rules being imposed are not the brainchild of the employee of the business you’d like to partake of. They’re just doing their job. If their employer chooses to promote rules you do not agree with, then there are other businesses you can visit for your needs. But remember in the midst of voicing your disputes to always be courteous. Any effort towards kindness and courtesy will be greatly appreciated.
  • 5. Do that “little thing” to help others. Make faces at that crying baby; you may distract the little one from its currently perceived tragedy. Put the shopping cart in the cart stall in the parking lot; you could prevent that cart from damaging someone’s car. Let that person with just a few items go ahead of you in the check out line. It really is the little things in life that make you have a better day. You can check out my recent blog post for more aspects of helping others.

4. Smile at others for no reason. You never know when someone needs to see joy in their day. This life is tough enough as it is. Spreading a little bit of happiness is absolutely worth it! Or, you could keep smiling simply because it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to. Lol!

  • 3. Be generous where you can. Yes, help others monetarily if you’re able. But, this doesn’t apply strictly to money matters. At a restaurant the other day I saw a couple give their “free cookies” to a double table with a several kids. I’m not sure what the parents did with the cookies, but those kids were exited!
  • 2. If you’re able and available, help others when they ask for help. And do it! How many times have you asked for help. Had plenty of promises to show up. Then end up without enough help actually showing up to help. Don’t be that person! Do what you say you’re going to do. Period. Your word is a part of your personal signature. Make it a good one!

1. And the best reason of all? It’s a “self pick-me-up”. I don’t know about you, but helping or doing kind deeds for others simply feels good. It lifts me up and pulls me out of any bad moods. Helping others is also a way of pulling myself out of any self involved spiral I might have fallen into. We are not meant to be islands. We need each other. So, don’t fight it. The one you may be helping just may be yourself.

In then end, making life easier for your fellow man also makes your own life easier. That’s just how it works. And yes, I do believe in karma. Or, you may call it the law of attraction, “God repaying you”, vibes, your aura, or whatever else, but it’s all the same to me. It is indeed true that you will “reep what you sow” and “you will be judged as you are judged”. And to me, being ugly to someone else just isn’t worth it.

So get out there and enjoy life. And let your “joyful life” rub off on others as you do life alongside each other. You’ll be glad you did!


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