We Are Indeed Responsible for Ourselves and the Environment In Which We Occupy

Do you ever stop to consider what exactly you are responsible for? With all the myriad of concerns floating around us currently, where exactly do you take a stand? I mean, seriously. With Covid-19 still active everywhere, worldwide financial crisis at every turn, unnecessary murders, and heartless looting, the current state of affairs makes most want to run and hide until it’s all over.

But, we’re not running. And We’re definitely not hiding. Yet, where on the slippery scale of responsibility do you find yourself? That is a question we must each ask ourselves.

Ultimately, most of us are not lawmakers, or even public service providers. I know I’m not in either of those categories. Yet, what can we do when we are affronted with horrible atrocities? Well, “pray” is an obvious response. But, what tangible thing can you or I personally do to help curb the downward spiral?

It’s in the little things. It’s definitely the little things that mean the most.

I mean, come on. By this point in 2020 , most of us are surgical experts at washing our hands correctly, and automatically measuring the six foot of social distancing. We know to stay home if we’re sick. We’ve all learned, if we didn’t know already, how to budget, live on restrictions, and buy less foods and household items. (Most of these we should have been doing already. But, anyway…)

Ultimately, I do not believe most people wake up each day planning to kill anyone or damage someone else’s property. That’s most people (criminals aside). Yet, here we are. A bad decision, an emotional response bursting forth, some thing some where goes very wrong. Lives are changed. Lives are lost. And, sadly, most of those instances are entirely preventable.

But, what are we as individuals responsible for? When it comes right down to it, in the heat of that moment, we absolutely must step up.

In that moment it becomes your responsibility as a participant, or eye witness, to step in and actually take action to prevent another atrocity from taking place.

As they say, if you see something say something.

Speaking of that saying, it kind of follows with the Hebrew changing of the seasons. Or, rather the changing of the decades on the Hebrew calendar. They just moved out of the 5770’s and into the 5780’s. In Hebrew gematria, a letter is also a number, as well as a picture.

Ayen has the numeric value of 70, which has a picture of an eye. Therefore, the 5770’s was the decade of “seeing”. Pey, the seventeenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet has the numeric value of 80, which has a picture symbol of the mouth. Therefore, the 5780’s will be the decade of “saying”.

See the correlation between seeing and saying???

Just like the Hebrew calendar, we are indeed moving from the season of “seeing” to “saying”. So, I’m not really surprised that almost suddenly I’m hearing “see something, say something” at almost ever turn. And that goes for everything we see that we know is wrong. Things we know that will bring harm to another human being or their property. (Yes, I’m spotting property as well. That “stuff” belongs to someone that worked their butt off to acquire that mere stuff, to build that business, to provide for their family.)

Those activities are illegal. It’s called assault, vandalism, manslaughter, or even murder. Those are flat out wrong, as we all know perfectly well. Yet, humans are idiots sometimes and completely forget to think. They completely forget about common sense, and the value of life, property, and dreams. They forget that their fellow man is struggling through this thing we call life just like they are.

And, when mere humans in our presence fall into this idiocy and forget their humanity, its up to us to step up and help a fellow human out. When you see something going awry and you say or do something to stop it, you’re protecting a life or the property of your fellow man. Not only that, you’re also protecting the “idiot” from the harsh consequences of the potential atrocities they were about to commit.

After all, I hope someone is strong enough in their convictions to step up and stop me from doing something irrevocable in my moment of idiocy. (Though I pray I never hit that point. But, please Lord Jesus, send someone to stop me if I do.)

We’re not meant to do this life alone. We need each other. We must unite on the things that matter; unite in helping out our fellow man. Only in true unity can we take responsibility and change our communities for a better tomorrow which starts today.

So, step up and be responsible in the moment you’re in. See something, say something.

Together we can ensure a tomorrow that our kids will be able to live a full life in. A future we are responsible for shaping for them.


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