Reflecting on This Thing We Call Life

I’m sitting here this week reflecting on everything going on in our world today. You know, the ebbs and spikes of the corona-virus, the resulting economic hardships, the civil injustices still prevalent even this week, and many other things. Yet, with all of those major issues affecting our society, our own life issues remain to be dealt with.

Within my own circle of friends and family, life continues to carry on. An older person I know had to be hospitalized this week. Although they’re doing fairly well now (and Covid free so far), they will be moving into a nursing rehab facility. Which means the family must shift into gear to address their home and belongings. Yet another person, previously unemployed, started a new job. Then, they were let go a few days later because “it just wasn’t working out”, with no other explanation. My own fatigue flared back up. Again. And yet, another person is moving; its crunch time now to finish going through twenty plus years of stuff to sort, pack, donate, and otherwise get the heck out of dodge. Sigh.

And life goes on.

There’s still a job to work. (Thankful to still have a job outside of blogging.) And there’s the usual organizations that still need volunteers. A house that needs to be cleaned and meals to cook. Which means there are still groceries to buy, including the coveted toilet paper. Lol! (Thank goodness the Covid19 toilet paper shortage is pretty much over. Whew!) And don’t forget the many birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate, and births and deaths to attend to.

Ultimately, our lives do not stop for the crisis’ of this world. And, likewise, the crisis’ of this world do not circumvent the necessities of our personal lives. And life goes on. It’s a balancing act, for sure. And it’s even more imperative to “learn” to balance those two when both are equally important to our very survival as individuals and as a society as a whole.

But, are we prepared? Will reflecting and being intentional really help us be prepared?

I think so, in the grand scheme of things anyway. Yet, I saw this meme a few weeks back depicting an armored warrior prepared for battle. Except all that armor didn’t really protect him quite they way he’d planned. I thought it illustrated this year quite accurately. It seems no matter how hard we’ve planned, 2020 appears to have hit most of the worldwide population in surprising ways. Repeatedly.

Yet, most of our personal and professional lives are still here despite it all. As much as we might like to, we simply cannot live in a bubble.

So, what are we to do?

I can’t answer for you, or any else really. But, I intend to keep myself rooted in my faith. My faith is what brings me indescribable peace, enhances my love for my fellow man, and is what makes me a hope fanatic. It’s those very things that prevent me from becoming the proverbial “frog in a blender” when life gets wild.

So, I’ll hang in there. I will continue to take care of my family, friends, and my fellow man. This world is a harsh and cold place a majority of the time. Yet, in this world I believe there are many more good people than there are truly evil ones. Therefore, I will focus on the good, and help wherever I can. And that includes stepping up whenever it’s called for as I talked about last week.

We must be conscious of our fellow man in the society around us, and across the world. Yet, we must still be responsible adults in this crazy world of 2020 that we find ourselves in. So, I’ll work, shop, and pay our bills. And I’ll be there for those around me as best I can. Whether it be family, friends or strangers, we are ultimately all in this thing together. Ultimately, we all need each other.

With that thought foremost in my mind, I pray each of you have an amazing week ahead with no arrows getting past your “armor”. And I’ll leave you with the heart of Aaron’s blessings on you and yours.

May the Lord bless you and protect you,
May the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
May the Lord look with favor on you
and give you peace.


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