You’ve Been Forewarned ~ Apply It Now

Grocery haul - Forewarned
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Well, at least I hope you realize you were forewarned. Lol! I’ve been thinking of this year and all the craziness that 2020 has brought to all of our lives worldwide. This year has definitely exposed many areas we may have been lacking in. For instance, many people realized how little toilet paper they kept on hand. Or, how much of the “beloved toilet paper” they actually use on the regular. Right?!?

Additionally, many people realized how minimal their usual food supplies were. Most “experts” suggest having enough food on hand to last your household two to four weeks. Then if the unexpected happens, you won’t be among those panicking that they don’t have enough supplies to make it though.

While you’re stocking up, you also need to keep an eye on any medications and/or supplements your household may require. I know several elderly folks who refill their prescription drugs as early as their pharmacy and/or insurance will allow. Then there are your pets and additional animals you care for. Basically, cover as many monthly needs as possible in advance. You never know when the unexpected will happen and you’ll be happy you stocked up on a few things in advance.

Tips for Stocking Up

For a little help in recognizing areas you may need to address, I’ve found a couple of blogs that address things in a little more depth. Preparedness News wrote quick and interesting post about food choices. This article also includes preservation and storage considerations for when stocking up on foods.

Survival Blog has a post covering short term needs. In their case, they addressed shortcomings they noticed from repeated power outages while living up north. This is still a great list to review, as it covers a few things I haven’t thought of.

Of course, if you still have questions, then hit the internet and do a bit of research on your specific needs and goals. There are so many variables, yet so much applicable information out there. Sometimes we simply have to search it out ourselves.

One Thing Is Clear…

If 2020 has forewarned us of anything this year, its to be prepared for anything. Because almost everything has been thrown at us this year. And while there are many things we cannot control, there are many, many things we can control. And stocking up on a few essential things is one of the things that is very much within our control.

So, hopefully, you’ve already taken the forewarning 2020 gave us early on and stocked up on your necessities. If not, then I feel the need to insist you hit the grocery store this week and pick up several extra things. Heck, make an extra trip, or two. Don’t put it off.

After all, you never know when the next disaster or Covid lockdown will occur. And, I’m sure you’d rather not be stuck in a situation without necessities for however long such an occurrence would last. So consider yourself warned, again. Because, ultimately, we were all forewarned, and are now being reminded once again. Now its up to you to heed the warning for your household. Now.


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