You Are Needed To Join the Lightning

I read a summary today about lightning. It was today’s entry in Dutch Sheets’ “Give Him 15” daily prayer series. Today’s entry was about a dream someone shared with Dutch, which he then shared in today’s Give Him 15 entry.

To read today’s entry in full you can click here. (You can stop here and come back after you read today’s full post. Or, keep reading for my “highlights” version.)

The Highlights

For me, lightning and thunder are definitely ways God speaks. Therefore, it get’s my attention every time! I even wrote about it previously in my post music with Kingdom principles. (In that post, I referenced the song Thunder by Imagine Dragons. I hear the song’s chorus line “I was the lightning before the thunder” every time I hear or see anything about lightning or thunder. You can listen to the song here.)

Which brings us back to the Give Him 15 entry for today. Its about lightning, and draws quite the image. Here is a tiny excerpt of today’s entry where Dutch’s friend is sharing about the dream he had and the perceived meanings it held.

“But God is saying to us that we are His lightning rods, collecting His power and releasing it into the earth. America, hold up your hands. Receive the lightning of God! We, the Ekklesia, carry it! And now, we release it! We direct the lightning of God into the land. And we discern that an ancient gate is opened and angels are being released into our nation. The enemy is shocked by the lightning of God. Shockwaves will shock the courts, shock the swamp, shock the world!”

Excerpt of “Give Him 15” for Dec 5, 2020, by Dutch Sheets

Wow! What an image that excerpt creates! In all my years as a Christian, I have come to recognize when the Power of God is on the move. And God is definitely moving through these prayers and throughout the great nation of the United States. Every day that passes seems to bring new and significant revelations of our current events that are slowly moving us in a positive direction.

In these turbulent times of Covid-19, and the political upheaval in America, we definitely have a need for continued prayer. And when God’s children align together in prayer (Mt 18:19), then our petitions hold that much more power. Therefore, our united prayers can indeed become “shocking” in God’s usurping power our prayers release. It really does begin to strike like lightning. This is where, by God moving through us and our prayers, we indeed join in with the lightning itself. Wow.

So, won’t you join with us? You can check out Give Him 15 for yourself. If you’re interested, you can sign up for daily emails at the bottom of the webpage, or download the phone app.

Go ahead. Join the Lightning!


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