Miracle Moments ~ That Was Close!

Despite this crazy year, my family recently experienced a miracle moment. It was a totally unexpected series of events. Events that could have had a much, much worse outcome. Suffice it to say, everyone escaped with only one person sustaining possible injury. Well, and some property damage. But, property can be replaced. People cannot.

In short, very large vehicle experienced a mechanical failure while traveling on the roadway, and very nearly lost control. Nearly. That’s the key word. And all of us are so very thankful for the bit of control that was maintained that day.

First, let me explain the area.

There is a daycare which is on a major state highway which runs through our small town. This portion of the highway is four lanes wide; two lanes for each direction of traffic with a grassy median running along between them as a divider.

Along this road, the daycare sits between a residence on a large lot and a bank. The residence is just over the crest of a hill, and the traffic flow runs right in front of the residence’s yard and the parking lots for the daycare facility and the bank.

The bank sits on a corner, which is a main entrance to a housing edition. This corner is part of a major intersection which is regulated by a traffic light system. This intersection is at the bottom of the hill.

After cresting this hill, there is maybe a quarter of a mile of downhill roadway to the traffic light. In that short distance, alertness is paramount. Due to the possibility of a “red light” at the upcoming intersection, you must be alert to changes in speed of the flow of traffic. And you need to be prepared to act accordingly if the light changes upon your approach. Its a significant change to switch from the posted speed limit of 55 mph (miles per hour) to a full stop for the red light.

(Hopefully, you can get the picture of potentially busy traffic flow coming over a hill, followed by a decline in the roadway, which may need to stop pretty quickly at an intersection with a traffic light. That hill and area are known to be dangerous.)

Now, let me tell you about this miracle!

My grandkids attend that daycare. And their mother works there as well. Another daycare employee was taking a kid outside to play and saw it, along with the class on the playground, and at least 2 parents that were there picking up their child/ren.

(This is the story as relayed by them and other people that saw the miracle events unfold.)

They were going about their day a couple of weeks back with nothing amiss. Everything was pretty uneventful until that afternoon. Unbeknownst to them, on their side of the roadway, there was an 18-wheeler rig nearing their location. As the rig came over the hill the traffic light changed to red and the thick traffic suddenly began to slow. When the driver of the rig went to engage the brakes, they failed.

In an attempt to prevent a horrendous accident, he swerved the rig off the roadway. Unfortunately, he reportedly side swiped at least one or two cars. But, he was still moving, downhill, with no brakes. He then he crossed the driveway for the residence, and entered the large lot alongside the home. Ahead he saw the daycare with the fenced playground full of children on his side of the building. It was straight ahead. He said new he had to do something to stop his rig.

At this point he said decided to intentionally aim for the large oak tree. He knew something big had to stop him. And it did. (Yes! Thank you, Jesus!)

Pics of the incident aftermath
Daycare fencing near the wrecked rig.
18 Wheeler and the Tree That Stopped it.

Do you see how close that rig came to that playground fence? Yeah. That’s a little too close! My grandkids were on the daycare’s outdoor playground at the time of the accident. My 10 year old grandson saw the truck go off the road and watched it progress into the tree. (His mom was in her classroom on the other end of the building.)

Luckily, no one was hurt. Well, I imaging the truck driver was sore afterwards. But, I hear he was walking and talking, and was able to clearly answer questions and such. Which is amazing considering how bad things could have turned out for him and for everyone else. I’m soooo grateful they’re all safe and sound.

So, hug your loved ones people! You never know when the worst could happen by a completely random accident. And hug a tree! This one survived all these years for “such a time as this”.

Thank you, Jesus, for this miracle of stopping that truck and thereby protecting my grandkids and all the other people in the area that day!

I’ll leave you with this song which came to mind once again. God’s angels are definitely extra busy working little miracle things all around us on a daily basis!


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