Contributing to, Benefiting, or Blessing Your Spouse

Contributing to, benefiting, or blessing your spouse. We trudge through life not really paying attention to those details. Then we have something happen that makes us take a deeper look at these things once again. I think we all have those experiences from time to time. Well, I had one recently. My experience? A cookie dream. Yep. I’m serious! Lol

Short, but Sweet

So, I recently had this cookie dream. I don’t remember much of it at all. Or more specifically, I only remember one little scene, and nothing else. But, I can’t seem to shake that one little part. It was about a package of cookies. Simple, but weird. Right?!

First off, the package of cookies was exactly like one in real life. A family member had recently been admitted to the hospital. They lived alone so a couple of us went to pack them a bag and secure the house. While there, we tried to put away foods that wouldn’t last if left out. I ended up bringing home some ripe fruit, and an opened package of cookies. The cookies happened to be one of my hubby’s favorites.

Anyway, days later I had this weird dream. Within the dream I showed someone a similar package of Nutter Butter cookies, a peanut butter sandwich cookie shaped like a peanut shell. The original package was simply opened with scissors cutting off one sealed end. In my dream, the top had a peel back opening which exposed all the cookies. Except, I realized, upon opening the top that only half the cookies inside were the Nutter Butters. The other half of the cookies were actually Double Stuf Oreo cookies in the shape of the peanut shell like the others.

That was it. That’s all I remember of that dream. I find it interesting that both of the cookie types are among my husband’s favorites of the “store bought cookies” category. It also seemed significant that I brought them into our home in real life, and within in the dream I was the one presenting, or opening, the mixed pack of cookies.

Figuring It Out

Days later I was still puzzling over this weirdness, and the randomness of only remembering this small portion of my dream. It was then another thought struck me. What do I bring into my home that strictly benefits, or blesses, my spouse? That’s something all of us with a significant other would benefit from thinking about from time to time!

I mean, seriously, this could include everything from physical things, like cookies, to non-physical things, like being a responsible spouse. This could even include our attitudes. That could be a big “ouch” sometimes, but it still applies doesn’t it? Does our attitude contribute to, benefit, or even bless our spouse? Does it???

Those are some deep, yet lofty aspirations. Seemingly vast, but still easily accomplished. It can even encompass the power of our words. There are so many ways we can “bring” things into our homes specifically meant for our spouses. We need only stop and re-assess what we are truly bringing to the table. So, re-assess. And make your contributions be good ones!

Just some things to think about.

So. What are you bringing into your home that specifically contributes to, benefits, or blesses your spouse ???


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    1. You’re welcome! And, yes, our marriages need all the help we can get. Which reminds me…we’re out of cookies! Lol

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