Take A Break With Cute Baby Bunnies

Bunny break time!!! Who doesn’t love looking at cute baby bunnies??? And even if you’re not in the “bunny” mood, I’d still venture a guess that you’re ready for anything as long as its not the political tug of war between Biden and Trump. (Yep. Its getting old. But, hopefully, it’ll all get definitively settled soon.) Meanwhile, enjoy this little foray into my land of rabbits.

As I’ve mentioned before, we have developed a bit of a homestead at our place. A part of that includes raising rabbits. (Check out this link for more information on raising rabbits.) We have two females, Big Girl and Little Girl; and a male, Buddy, or Studley, as my hubs likes to call him. Anyway, at the beginning of this month our first litters of kits were born.

Big Girl, our slightly bigger female, delivered her kits on October 31st. They were squirming around so much, that I had to take a video to count them. Six. Yikes! I was shocked! A first litter for rabbits is usually only two to four kits. To verify, I decided to take a second video. Which I’m glad I did! Big girl actually gave birth to nine little bunnies. Yep. NINE. Have mercy! Can you imagine? Lol!

bunnies day old

Even though that’s a bit of a shocker, Big Girl has really stepped up and taken great care of all her little ones.

Two days later, Little Girl delivered two kits. Two. Yep! That’s a bit more like it. Lol! Like Big Girl, Little Girl stepped up and is a really good momma to her babies.

(I didn’t get a pic of Little Girl’s kits on their first day or two. Darn it.)

So, I’m going to quit rambling and let you enjoy a bit of cuteness overload. I did miss several days in remembering to snap some pics. But, here’s a progression of their growth over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

I have no idea how the twins found their way outside the nesting box. But, they sure were sleeping just fine!
Eyes starting to open at ten days old!
The one in the back was actually sleeping on his back this afternoon. Lol!

Well, there ya go! I hope you’ve enjoyed my little bunnies just as much as I have.

May you have a blessed and peaceful week ahead. See ya next week!


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