The Key of David ~ Know What It Means

The Key of David is a biblical reference to Jesus, the Messiah and descendant of King David, the king of Israel. Here is a good article on the Key of David.

Furthermore, it is said that numbers also notate the Key of David. Specifically, in music terms, 444 is known as the key of David. (This was originally known as the key of 440.) Also, the number 44 alludes to the Key of David as well.

(An interesting side note, in the U.S., Nashville is known as “music city”. And, the highway loop that circles the city is 440. There’s that 44 again! And… Did you catch that? The Key of David musical reference and the key of 444 or 440, right here in our current world circling our own “music city”. Yep, God is in evidence all around us!)

Here are a few of videos to further explain the biblical connection to 44, 444, and the Key of David.

This next one moves fast. So, you may need to hit pause often to catch the info-graphics.

So, now you’re a little more familiar with the topic of the Key of David and the numbers associated with it. It really is an interesting topic all on its own. And there are so many layers to dig into as well. Truly fascinating!

Do you see things repeatedly?

What makes these numbers even more fascinating to me is that I see 44 and 444 all the time. At first I had no idea what their meaning was. Then, over time and a lot of research, I have come to learn that these, in their own ways, refer to the Key of David in scripture and in our world. Furthermore, “keys” in general speak to me frequently as well.

Now, having shared all of that, here’s my latest “sighting”, so to speak. The other day after I got home from running errands, I went outside to start my outdoor chores. As I crossed my driveway I saw something unusual in the dirt and gravel. After looking and walking away a few steps then returning a couple of times, I finally took this pic (below).

Looks like a key, right? Zoom in. That is not a key. At that realization I got that “ah ha” feeling. It was then that I knew I was getting another little “wink” from God. It’s just a part of how He talks to me.

Interestingly enough, I usually get those “ah ha”, “God is talking to me” moments when I’m wondering if I’m on the right track. Any time I see 444, 44, or keys, it’s like my own personal note saying I am indeed heading in the right direction and the door is wide open to keep moving forward. It’s kind of like my own personal nod from God. Awesome, right?!

Ultimately, whether its in numbers, keys, or even dirt, gravel, and some broken leaves, God is still speaking. The question is, are you listening? If so, what has he shown you recently? I’d really love to hear your experiences!

Meanwhile, regardless of the “how’s”, I love the ways the Lord literally can use everything to speak our language to us! ❤🗝 So, keep looking and listening. You never know what He’ll use to talk to you from amidst the world around you!


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