Words of Life for Mothers

Yep, its Mother’s Day this weekend. So, of course I’m going to talk about mothers. (Admit it. It’s the kind of write up you were expecting. Lol!) So, let’s get to it!

Let’s be real here. You do not have to be a biologically connected “big” person to a “little” person to be a mom, or a dad for that matter. In fact I’m sure there are many “dads” that also fulfill the “mothering” role.

Are You a Mother?

According to The Free Dictionary there are many ways to define “mother”. The definitions range from biological connections, to religious positions, to the acts of mothering. It’s this last one that comes to my mind most when Mother’s Day occurs each year.

Yes, anyone can get preggers and give birth. But, as we all know, that’s not all there is to being a mom. As stated in many dictionaries, the act of mothering includes nurturing, caring for, loving, tenderness, nourishing, and protecting, to name a few. Using these descriptive words we can see that the act of mothering can even apply to men. In fact many men have mastered the role of “mothering” others through the years.

So, are you a mother? Do you “mother” those around you, despite whether you gave birth to them or not? If so, then you are a mother. And this write up is for you.


Ok. I’m not talking about famous moms with wide reaching platforms. Those play a part in society. Yet, that’s not the influence I’m thinking of. To me, every mother is influential to the kids around them.

How many of you have noticed your kids exhibiting some of your own characteristics? That, my dear friend, is influence!

A few years back I asked my preschool grandson a question. He replied, “yay-ya”. After asking again, I realized he was replying “yes”. That’s a “yes” with two syllables. Lol! Crazy kid! Then I wondered how his mom or dad had gotten so far off into the accent. I laughed about that for many days afterwards. Lol

Then, a few weeks later, I caught myself. Yep. A two syllable answer in the affirmative. At first I was shocked, that strong of an accent came out of my mouth. Seriously, girlfriend! But, then, I realized the influence that I had in even the tiniest of things in regards to all those around me. Yes! I’ve got influence!!! And, so do you, my friend. So do you.

“Keeping It Real”

Yes, some are horribly horrendous at the mothering role. Yet, there are many, many others who are trying their best and making a good impact overall. They may slip and fail from time to time. Heck, they may even crash and flat out burn it up at times. Yet, most mom’s are there for their kids throughout all of life’s ups and downs. Regardless of all the face plants that have been performed in their presence most mothers will absolutley be there for their kiddos

Being there means they are also there with us. As mother’s our kiddos are exposed to all our stuffs. The good, the bad, and the ugly stuffs. So, it makes sense that they learn how life can get messy at times. And the fact “messy” is normal. As much as we like to pretend otherwise, you know I’m speaking truth here. Am I right?!?

So, embrace your stuffs. All of it. It is indeed serving a purpose. Plus, in the long run, your kiddos will deeply appreciate you “keeping it real” with them. Your natural responses reveal honesty in the midst of the messes of life. And that my dear friends creates an immaculate safe zone!

Safe Zone

Recently on Facebook an article about kids misbehaving worse for their mother was being shared frequently. This article referenced a (fake) study that revealed why kids misbehave more around their mother than any one else.

The point the write up made was that kids behave worse with mom simply because they feel safe and relaxed in her presence. Therefore, they will “mess up” more often when they’re around their mom than any one else. I take that as a compliment! And you should too. After all, wouldn’t we all hope our children are their most relaxed and trusting when they are at our sides? Yes. Yes, I believe we do.

I would venture to say that even if you aren’t extremely close to your mom you still benefited from a “safe” environment while growing up. You knew on some deep instinctual level, that you were basically “safe” with your mother. That instinctive feeling in turn helped to shape you into the wonderful person you are today.

Hang In There

Ok. Mom. Mother of minions. I’m talking to you. Listen up momma’s heart…. At the end of the day, more often than you prefer, you may seem like nothing more than a worn and weary mom. But, that isn’t your focus. It’s those precious moments when the children most precious to you comes to you, their mom, to help them in their time of need. Whether it’s simply a boo-boo needing a kiss and a band-aid, or it’s a teen with a broken heart. You know you welcome those who trust you most with their care.

Because, ultimately you are their biggest champion and cheerleader. You teach them everything you know and help find them answers to all the other stuffs they deem important. You are their encourager. You strive to lift their spirits when they are down. Momma, You, are building up warriors that will be brilliant and brave enough to conquer this world in their own unique way.

And for that Momma ~ I AM PROUD OF YOU!

So, mother that you are, get out there and conquer the skinned knees, endless homework piles, and teen catastrophes. Go be your influential, awesome self!



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