Happy Birthday MyQuirkyFriend! Its My Three Year Anniversary!

It’s anniversary official! My Quirky Friend, the blog, is officially three years old! Woooohoooooo! It’s amazing how time flies. There was a day when I had no idea what a blog really was. A little over a week later, I was a nervous but excited new blog owner and writer. Lol!

If you’re interested in learning more about the roots of this blog, you can follow this link about how my life as a blogger began. It was quite a sudden and wild ride, if I do say so myself! I think I’ve surprised myself that this blog has continued to survive and thrive all this time. Which reminds me of a very vital aspect of any blog. It’s readers.

Therefore, thank you to all my readers new and old, near and far! You’re attention to my blog has been greatly appreciated. It is you that have been a valuable part of making this anniversary a success point in my life. Furthermore, I’m humbled that you’ve found value in my words. For that I will be forever thankful for you. Never forget, you are loved and deeply appreciated.

To celebrate this blogging anniversary, here’s a list of the most read posts over the life of my blog. Hopefully, there’s a post or two that catches your attention. Enjoy!

Most Viewed posts of all time:

  • 1. Movie Break Time with Juan O Savin ~ It’s a bit of a different type of movie. but is good! Take a relaxing ride across the U.S. and enjoy the sites and sounds. And, if you like a movie you can read between the lines in, then this is the movie for you! Go ahead and check it out.
  • 2. Medallion vs Mandala ~ What’s the Difference? ~ Do you know the difference? I didn’t and hit the Google to find out. And…. There was not a clear cut answer anywhere to be found. So, I compiled my own research into this post. By the views I continually get, it’s a popular question that is asked. So, you’re welcome! I’m glad I could help out my fellow inquiring minds.
  • 3. Funny Texas Stereotypes ~ If you can’t laugh at yourself, well then…. Ummmm. You need to learn. Lol! Yes, I have Texas roots. And I can vouch for these funny stereotypes. Go ahead and get at laugh in at my expense. Again, you’re welcome. Lol
  • 4. Trash and Treasure ~ This post was an epiphany of sorts. It’s about times past and new beginnings. Memories of things long gone. It’s sentimental. But, it’s an insight that is good to review on occasion.
  • 5. Double Dog Dare You ~ Take the Red Pill ~ Yep. It’s a dare! Welcome back to middle school. Lol! That’s a funny game. But, these are not funny times. So, yes, I’ve been taking a few “red pills” myself. Some of those I instantly spit back out as useless placebos. Then there are the valuable red pills. Well, the ones I found interesting for further review anyway. So, check out these red pills. I dare you.

But, wait! There’s more to this anniversary review…

  • 6. Weather Manipulation ~ Is It Conspiracy or Reality? ~ Before writing this post I would have unequivocally stated it was all conspiracy theory. Then I did a bit of digging and researching on the topic. And I can now say that weather manipulation has been around for a long time and is absolutely not a theory. Go ahead and read this post to get a look at the tip of this iceberg.
  • 7. The Weird Findings of My Quirky Brain Wandering the Internet ~ And…. This is the post where my rambling ADD / OCD brain’s adventures of twists and turns made it into the public’s view. LOL! Go ahead and enter my brain for a bit. At the least, it can be entertaining or even educational. Read it and decide for yourself!
  • 8. Prepared or Not ~ Time to Double Check Everything ~ This post has some really good advice which is ultimately timeless. It seems weird circumstances keep on hitting, no matter what part of the world you live in. So, check out this post for some extra ideas to double check for yourself. (And, by the way, I did get lamp oil before the icepocolypse. Lol)
  • 9. How I Became the “My Quirky Friend” Blogger ~ As alluded to above, here is the story of how my blogging life began. It was indeed a sudden and wild ride. It came out of the blue and changed my life for the better. It’s definitely a story worth reading!
  • 10. Think About It. Seriously… ~ This post was on a topic that irritated me for years. And I “share” this post on all my social sites annually. I believe it makes a thoroughly valid point. Do check it out. And, think about it. Seriously.

My Personal Favorites

  1. Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me ~ This is an amazing nugget I still use and share with others. It’s basic. And though it may be obvious it takes some real kahonas to pull off. Go ahead and check it out. Thanks, Dad!
  2. Choices. Choose Wisely, My Friends ~ Choose Wisely. It’s a sentiment my kids heard a lot growing up. Lol! But, its true! Choices and consequences are a fact of life. Therefore, choose wisely my friend. Ultimately, the consequences are your choice. Right?!
  3. Brownies ~ The Best Recipe & A Family Favorite ~ Yep! It’s just as the title implies. These are a delicious treat, perfect for an anniversary celebration. And it’s even better since I have perfected the gluten free adjustments to the original recipe. So, whether you want the regular or the GF version, go ahead and whip up a batch of your own. I know you want to!

Well, there you go! In celebration of my three year blogging anniversary, there’s the top popular posts and my personal favorites. Hopefully, you’ve found a few posts to check out. Nevertheless, thank you again for joining me on this journey. I can’t wait to see what the next three years bring for My Quirky Friend.

Have an amazing day, everybody! Talk to you soon!!!


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